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The computer can not even wifi

2018-01-12 11:32:31

computer even not wifi

wifi now is widely used, no matter mobile phone or computer use wifi network special convenient, but sometimes suddenly the computer even not wifi, what reason be?The following will introduce you three solutions, and see it.Method one:


in step 1, the computer can not even wifi, can have a yellow exclamation icon, right-click on the wireless wifi icon in the lower right corner, then click on the open network and sharing center.Step 2,

in network and sharing center click change adapter Settings in the upper left corner.After go in general can see three links, one is the bluetooth, is a cable, is also a wireless wifi network.

step 3, the right mouse button that wifi connection, and then click on the inside of the diagnosis.Then the computer will automatically diagnosis even not the cause of the wifi, wifi and fix even of error.This method can fix the DHCP errors commonly.

method 2:

steps 1, 2 is the right-click my computer method (computer, doing call this computer), and then click manage.Step 2,

after entering management list, click the services and applications, in click services.Found in the service WLAN AutoConfig, changed the service to automatically, and click the upper left corner of the restart.This method can solve the wifi service commonly caused by errors cannot be started.Method 3:

three step 1, the method can be said to be the fool.Software solution is to use a third party.Like tencent computer butler repair kit in a network, can be directly click the tool to try to repair.

step 2, click on the network restoration, a period of time, will automatically fix the problems existing in the network, if can't repair success, will explain what kind of the wrong type, according to these reasons on the Internet to find a solution.Above

is the computer with wifi on three solution, if we according to the above three methods operation still can't connect the wifi, you can try to change the router and have a look.

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