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The greater the number of routers, the better, the router selection method

2018-01-05 10:45:58

router mega number is larger, the better?The router trillion signal stronger number is big?For different times the number of routers, how should we choose?Here are under analysis.

generally can think signs for larger signal is relatively better.

M is short for Mbps, router bit rate is used to describe a unit of data transmission speed, the greater the bit rate, the faster the data flow.

router annotation of 150 m the bandwidth of the router can only support up to 150 m, even if your speed is 200 m, the router out is only 150 m, 300 m / 400 m in the same way.In the range, but by how much is your Internet connection, how much is after the router.General is only

150 m broadband Internet cafes, office building, small businesses, the only could afford home is about 10 m at most.

Numbers, tell the faster data transmission and the corresponding antenna, the more the signal is stronger, transmission distance is more far.

is my analysis of router sign for the bigger the better, hope to help you.

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