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The major brand router address and account password table

2018-01-22 10:53:55

router IP address can't remember it!This is a lot of things have been friends, there are also many netizens can be lost because the instructions say or buy is secondhand the router, and asking the login address of the router Settings on the net, so ZhuangXiao specially collected!
the following form only compiled domestic commonly used some brand router address to log in, only collect commonly used address, there may be some is not very comprehensive, welcome to add!

Routers IP address book number brand default login address account / password1TP-LINK192.168.1.1/.254(mini type) admin / admin2 / admin3Netgear HUAWEI (Netgear) / / password4d-link192.168.0.1admin / 5FAST (fast) (Tengda) / admin7huawei (mercury) / admin8Netcore (Netcore) / admin9Buffalo ( / Barlow method) 10B-LINK (bidlink) / admin11Asus / (ASUS) admin12 Alfa / admin13Linksys ( user name /smcadmin15Belkin Ling Ke) (Belkin) air / air

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