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The method of setting up the router bridge

2018-01-03 11:53:38
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now more and more places set up a wireless local area network (LAN), a router is play an important role in it.What is a router, is the information transmission way transmission data through the network to a destination network equipment.In order to expand our network signal or more widely local area network, often to the router bridge Settings, can be different locations or wiring users connect to a wireless local area network (LAN).What about how the router bridge set, let small make up take you to explore the method of router bridge set up together.

a, the conditions of router bridge set,

(1) need two wireless router;(2) the function of WDS.

second bridge, router Settings,

(1) the benefits of the amplified signal, enlarge the coverage of signal;(2) there will be no wiring the conditions of the user to connect to the same local area network.

three bridge, router set two TP -

(1) prepare the Link wireless router, referred to as A and B.

(2) to connect to the Internet.

a router Settings:

(3) to find the address bar, enter the digital ", the default user and password: Admin”.

(4) set up the system of access (WAN) or PPPoE dial and fill in the account number and password online.

(5) set the LAN port: undertake the above, need not change.

6 set up the wireless information: change the SSID is the name, such as "A”

7 open wireless Bridge function, and in the bar underneath box input B”Radio address.

was open DHCP server and ensure its in use, by A router address automatically assigned B.

pet-name ruby observe whether running state and parameter is normal operation.The router Settings:


(1) to set up A first step and second step;

(2) in setting up the LAN, will undertake the to instead of the default save originally after restart the router.

(3) set up wireless information: the SSID change since the name, such as "B”, the same open "Bridge”Function, enter A radio address in the boxes below.

(4) set the DHCP server.After the option is not enabled.

(5) observe whether running state and its parameters is normal operation.

router bridge set basically completed.

if you don't want some authorized users to enter our wireless local area network (LAN), can open the security Settings set up wireless password, A and B of the best wireless password is set to the same.This is the basic method of router bridge set, through the introduction of small make up should be able to bring you a lot of help.Thank you for browsing mediating rabbit for your guide!

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