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The principle of the program control switch and the principle of the program control switch

2018-01-03 12:46:05
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junior middle school physics textbook on SPC exchange that lesson, in fact, the SPC exchange as the center part of the electric power communication network, has become the hub of the electric power communication network, its status and role in the electrical communication industry occupies the Leader "Position, if one day the PBX unknown fault happened, so will inevitably cause communication network collective The strike ", so to understand how the removal of SPC exchange operation become very important, below small make up is to introduce the principle of SPC exchange for everyone.

1, SPC exchange principle of introduction of PBX

SPC exchange, we can be more professional to call it Stored program control switches ", or you can call SPC digital exchange ", we can learn from the way it works when the program is used to control, adopts the PCM coding method, specially used for the sort of circuit switching to telephone service of a telephone switchboard.The common way of exchange have centralized control, distributed control or match with both.PBX daily said finally come specially for the old telephone equipment, it is perfectly using the modern science and technology, finally accomplish the project of control such as telephone exchange.

2, principle of SPC exchange

SPC exchange principle at work in summary is the user's information to the control of switches, first of all, its maintenance and management functions in advance into operating procedures, the trajectory is stored in computer memory.That part really started to work when the switch, the control component automatic induction to the user's state and dial the number, and then began to implement the corresponding procedures according to the requirement, step by step, finally complete the corresponding functions of exchange.Now on the market of switches generally belongs to the electrical, and combined with the program control as the main way, then evolved into "SPC exchange "The origin of the term.

3, program-controlled switchboard hardware problems need attention in

in the first place we want to make sure that the temperature of the room and the environment clean and tidy, the whole room internal temperature control at 20 ℃ or so, if the internal temperature of the room is too high, the damage to the switch element.Secondly we should pay attention to the effects of static electricity to switch, data element too much, hard to avoid can let switch more or less static electricity damage.Finally we want to remember, choose quality solid grounding devices, this part of the money is the most can't save, imperfection of ground facilities will make potential irregular fluctuations, the switch of the logical error is produced.Finished

SPC exchange principle is introduced, don't know, you know not, along with the development of the microprocessor technology and integrated circuit, the superiority of SPC digital exchange will more clearly reflected in the near future!

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