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The router can't be used, the router can't use the solution

2018-01-08 12:20:02

wireless network now has covered most of the earth, a lot of people at home have a router, the router is a network device.The router can't use?Many people use wireless network when this would happen, this is very common, many people home routers will suddenly can't use.So you know the router suddenly can't use at home?How is made?We are going to solve today's problems is the router cannot be used to do.


1 novice level method, first saying nonsense: cat, router, host of the cable socket, check, see tight not, if not yet, will be reset the router, all cats again.Reason: in general, routers, all cats never shut a work time is too long is problematic.Restart method is more, please look down,

2 (1) pull out the power cord to the plug, the most easy.(2) in addition, the cat on the power button, it can be closed, open again, but is generally not on a router, it is: the WPS/RESET button, the following figure 2, the key is not the power button, he will be the router to factory default, don't disorderly press!So, to the router, can only pull out the power cord!If this method doesn't work, please look down

2, a little method - restart router

1, deeply into the router Settings page:, enter the user name and password.Default is admin and admin, also may be the guest and guest, all wrong words can be shown on the back of the router.

2, click system tools, and then click restart router, from the page click reboot the router.If not yet, you can look down again!

three, reset the router

click the setup wizard, click on the right side of the next, and then click next.Input password and password online, forgot to give you to broadband, the default password is likely to be 123456.Enter the name you give the router, and then enter the wireless password, click next, click finish.Four, the router how to set up


if the lines are connected. This time we just opened a good PC. Open an attribute.Then open the local connection properties, and then open the TCP/IP properties.

2, set up IP subnet for instead: gateway: determined, after the DNS configuration in the router Settings. Note: if you are 98 and me system, network connection to the control panel to set, please. Here is xp, for example, remind everybody here, set the IP network segment, can be set up between instead - can, do not use the same IP Settings for computer, this will cause the IP conflict. Be sure to keep in mind. Good when set up here. I can open the desktop InternetExplorer, enter enter!

3, this prompted for user name and password, the default user name and password are admin, also has written on the router manual. Press enter after input, to enter the router configuration screen. Note: tplink router to the default IP basic is basic is the admin password for the first time into the router interface, here we select setup wizard, and then the next step.

4, choose adsl dial-up here, most of us are choosing it, the user to select other static that's dedicated line, we don't do detailed introduction, broadband users know, railcom, China netcom and other virtual dial-up users, select it, and then the next step, in the next step, according to the finish can be set up routing, and then set point in the network parameters, the WAN port Settings, here in the router configuration everything is set up, now we only have to restart the router with respect to OK. Point system tools, restart the router, after a few seconds.

router can't use?See better make up, you know how to deal with the router can't use it now?Routers cannot use the main reason is that the line suddenly suddenly appeared the fault, we can check the line, and see if it is where the line is out of question.And then we can see if set up suddenly disconnected, check, and then restart the router, will look at a little bit better.If not, may be a router is broken, change a new line.

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