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The solution of wireless search for no signal

2018-02-06 13:03:54

Today, on a whim, want to search did not encrypted wireless signal, also ceng "Net "
so the open wireless network connection, search, no signal!!!!!Open the computer search of the classmate,
have signal (encryption though!Hfwang1253).I am very depressed ~ ~ ~
although not on the net, but doesn't own wireless search signal??Problem is very serious, it is necessary to solve!!!!!!
I started to check out where is the problem.Through unremitting efforts, finally done, come out to share with you a little
hope can solve all the problems, objection, if any, feel free to ask!!!!!thank you
a, first of all, we need a wireless router configured and opens the wireless capabilities.
for security reasons we can also give signal from the wireless router is encrypted, preventing others "Ceng network "
set up can the router after the wireless signal indicator is on (usually have the lamp)
if bright or flash generally don't have a problem.
2, open the computer wireless capabilities.
1. We need to have a computer with a wireless card, and installed driver, I will not have a problem (hardware)
laptop with a wireless network card commonly;If it is a desktop, you can install a USB wireless signal receiving device (a) generally buy wireless will send
2. If more than ready to operation, then we can open "Online neighbors ", and then click "Check the network connection "To view your network connection is
if the normal installation of the card, is a network connection icon appears here.
if there is no need to look at whether network card driver installed correctly
note: if you click "Check the network connection "Pop up the following tips that we disable the
"The Network Connections throughout the &;This service, need to enable this service will solve the problem of
open "The Network Connections"Service:
1 "start - run - input: services. MSC - sure - open "The Network Connections"
2 "hit and double-click "The Network Connections"Service, the pop-up dialog
3 "Start type "Set to "Automatic "
4 "and then click "Start ", "Service status "Is shown as "Enable "Time "Identify "Such as:

. Then we find "Wireless Internet connection "After
double-click the icon (the default is this name) can open "Wireless Internet connection "Window, as shown in figure:

in general, this will show the search to the wireless signal.
to choose a wireless network, click on the lower right corner "Connection "Or double-click the selected wireless network connection can be made.
marked "Enable secure wireless network "Connection is need a password to connect
if haven't show the signal to read on
4. If the pop-up (figure) : the following information required for
shows a Wireless service is not enabled, as follows:
1 Wireless Zero Configuration
2 "Wired AutoConfig
3" Extensible Authentication Protocol Service
above three service stopped, will pop up above.Only need to open the three services in the service item can be
of which need to enable first "Extensible Authentication Protocol Service"Services to enable "Wired AutoConfig"Service
in SP2 may not "Wired AutoConfig "Service.That you just open it "Wireless Zero Configuration"Service.
5. If still can't search the wireless signal, and the above tips.
May be some laptops with wireless management software, with WINDOWS built-in wireless management software caused the conflict.
solve operation process is as follows:
1 right click "Wireless Internet connection "- property - wireless network configuration - in "I use Windows configuration of wireless network Settings "Adding hook - determine
by the way, also need to check "Senior "The inside of the option "To access the network "If choose "Any of the available network (preferred access point) "
if there is no choice, it may not receive wrong because the network signal frequency wireless network information graph:

6. If still can't search to the signal, and note the following information (figure) :
above message appears more likely, and more also comes in, so in the end.
1, we have no open a computer is the most common problems in the wireless function keys (see computer product manuals).
against the side of the notebook, there will be a sliding button marked with wireless insets target, the general is wireless hardware day off.
laptop generally also with the function of the wireless switch button, use the Fn add wireless function keys to open it.
if the wireless signal light is not bright, mostly because the radio function keys and hardware switch didn't open it.
(PS: hang or wireless card again)
2 "some CARDS, install the driver, and a soft switch Settings.Such as Intel's wireless card with the basic functions.
open operation: open "Wireless network connection properties "Senior - general - configuration -
in a pop-up window generally have "Wireless closed "Or "Wireless open "The words, we need to choose here "Wireless open "
as shown in figure:
if there is no open, also can appear as a tooltip
3 "no open "The Event Log"Service will also cause can't search to the wireless signal
operation method: open "Service "Manager, double-click "The Event Log"After the service, set the startup type to "Automatic "If "Start "Available black button, then click "Enable ".And then restart the system.(this figure is not cut, as well as the method and the opening of the above services..
if restart "The Event Log"The normal operation of the service, the line you need to repair or reinstall your system...
(PS: I also depressed for a long time, finally is to find the reason of this service!!!The wireless network can know need four services support!!!!!!!!!!!Some other basic services affect wireless use needs to be confirmed.Hfwang1253)
7. The above methods can't solve the problem, may be a hardware problem caused by wireless cannot be started:
1 "at the time of reinstall the operating system, shut down the wireless switch, redo system, open the wireless search less than the signal.
solution: after try the method as above all, still can't solve the problem, try the following operation.
generally, uninstall it has installed a wireless driver and related software, and then reset the BIOS can solve the problem.
laptop operating method (usually can use this operation) : restart your computer, press "F2 "To enter the BIOS Settings - select to "The EXIT "- select "Throughout the load setup defaults &;Or "The get defaults value "(note: restore the default value), selected according to the keyboard "ENTER "Button, then select "Save the exit "(save and exit) - select "Y "After the restart the computer automatically.Install wireless network card driver again can.
note: as I write in the BIOS Settings are just some of the common BIOS Settings, but the general idea is like this (hfwang1253) if you have questions, please leave a message!

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