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The use method of the LAN viewer

2018-01-02 15:40:20

believe that a lot of office worker may have such experience, is clearly hidden measures have been done, and no one saw, but use a company computer to watch video or get caught, there may be a lot of people have been confused about this kind of matter.Actually this kind of thing is very simple, installed a local area network (LAN) so the viewer can easily achieve a similar effect, let below small make up to you to introduce what is LAN viewer.

a viewer

at the end of the day, what is a LAN LAN viewer is a flow check software, a lot of switches have this function in the company, but a LAN viewer will also be able to achieve targeted examination for some software or some websites.Its function is generally includes the check of chat software, can record the line up and down time of chat software and use the flow;You can also monitor all formal E-mail format of all send and receive E-mail and address;In addition can also do it according to various network game special inspection;You can also monitor the flow of all kinds of fry a software usage;In addition you can also set a white list and blacklist of web browsing.

of course, LAN viewer not only can be regulated, it also can lock the IP address and MAC address in order to achieve prevent illegal IP invasion.

(2) the use of the LAN viewer

first to open the LAN viewer, at this moment, you will need to in the installation set when the main user name and password.After entering, click the LAN can see all the current production with which a user is connected LAN, the user is named after the IP address here.Double-click the user address can be similar to figure in the interface.The first figure is what type of network applications, users use the second row is to use the software to the user, the third line is the use of time, the fourth line is the detailed description of the software, such as qq account and website.

three, other functions of LAN viewer

in history query function, we can see nearly three days of user data.Traffic observation can give you the use of users who are using maximum flow.Statistics will be to the pie chart shows the current local area network (LAN) accounted for all running programs.

LAN viewer now on the Internet has a lot of free version, but it is one of the important software into the internal LAN, so small make up recommend have a high request for confidentiality is not the company direct download on the net, but for a small studio also was done not have this concerns.But LAN viewer should also consider the use of specific situation, and cooperate with the good performance appraisal system, otherwise it may cause the staff's psychological disgust.

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