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The win7 system opens WiFi hints that you are missing a wireless network card

2018-02-06 12:21:30

open wifi Windows 7 system prompts you to the lack of a wireless network card?2345 software of below small make up to you to share the solution.

solution: make sure the computer installed the wireless network card of

1, the first confirmed that the computer has installed the wireless card, check method, on the desktop, click on my computer, right-click pop-up menu, choose management;After

2, enter the management, click device manager, in the device manager, find a network adapter, check whether the wireless network card driver wireless exists;

3, if you have already installed, please select a wireless network card driver, and then right-click pop-up menu, select uninstall, unloading the driver, if not installed wireless network card is skipped.Solution 2:


1, on the lower right corner of the toolbar, there will be a wireless connection icon, if not the Internet, need to do is fault diagnosis and repair, directly click the left mouse button on the wireless icon.

2, in the event of a connection right click on network name, then select "State ".

3, and the choice of inside "Diagnosis ", this time, the system will automatically detect fault, and began to repair.Began to diagnose fault, may last about one minute.After finished

4, diagnosis, and repair, the success will have such hints.Basically Internet problems can be solved through system diagnostic tool.Solution 3:to

1, check the device driver is normal.The mouse right click on the desktop "Computer "Icon, in the context menu select "Management ".Open "Computer management "After form, positioning in order to "System tools - ->The device manager - ->Throughout the network adapter &;Can see, in the drive display gray or yellow exclamation mark is not installed.

2, download driver genius or driver life open software, test drive, install nic driver.

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