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There is only one light on the router, and the router has only one light to solve

2018-01-08 13:17:31

wireless WiFi you are using now!With popularity of smart phones, wireless router has been inseparable from our life, with this artifact, we have a good Internet security.Don't know everyone in the use of wireless WiFi at ordinary times have run into some trouble?Routers have so a fault you didn't touch the market?The router has only one lamp in the light, as we all know this solution?Below small make up detailed introduce to everyone!Only a light on what is going on

router router only light a lamp, most likely the power lamp.If the lamp power (power) is normal, at this time to check the network port is normal.Cable can be directly into the computer, if there is a yellow light flashing, that network cable no problem, then route into the line has a problem, if the wlan normal flashing, it is the power lamp has a problem, as if the network connection is normal, can be ignored directly.Note: the

is unlikely to be wan flicker, other mouth don't shine.If do not have Internet routing, and light is not on, suggest to change the router.

router Settings method introduced

tools/raw material





. If the line is already connected. This time we just opened a good PC. Open online neighbors attribute

2. Then open the local connection attribute

3. Then open the TCP/IP protocol attribute

4. Set the IP subnet for instead: gateway: determined, after the DNS configuration in the router Settings. Note: if you are 98 and me system, network connection to the control panel to set, please. Here is xp, for example

5. Remind everyone here, set the IP network segment, can be set up between instead - can, do not use the same IP Settings for computer, this will cause the IP conflict. Be sure to keep in mind. Good when set up here. I can open the desktop InternetExplorer, enter enter!

6. This prompted for user name and password, the default user name and password are admin, also has written on the router manual. Press enter after input, to enter the router configuration screen. Note: tplink router to the default IP basic is basic is the admin password for the first time into the router interface is

7. Here we select setup wizard

8. Then the next step

9. Select virtual adsl dial-up, most of us are select it, the user to select other static that's dedicated line, we don't do detailed introduction, broadband users know, tietong, netcom and other virtual dial-up users, select it, and then the next step.

10. In the next step, click finish to set up the router.

11. Then in the set point in the network parameters, the WAN port Settings.

12. Here the configuration in the router everything is set up, now we only have to restart the router with respect to OK. Point system tools, restart the router, after a few seconds.

13. This time we turn off the configuration page window, connected to other computer can surf the Internet.

good, small make up about a router fault solution and the set of routers methods has been made clear for everyone, if everyone after one thousand when using wireless appear this kind of failure can solve itself.You also know that smartphones have become the main models of people, and penetration will be more and more high, the only time in the future, will be online, so now you should take the time to know more about this aspect, so later encountered this problem also need not worry.

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