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Throw away the router and teach you many notebooks to share the wireless Internet

2018-02-02 15:52:20

sometimes always suffer from only one network cable, multiple computers at the same time on the Internet, how to do?Buy a router, still have trouble setting connection have to buy cable?If you do, I can only regret saying "The eldest brother, you OUT throughout the &;Now, of course, is no.The hypothesis has two computers. A,

B.A cable can surf the Internet, B: no, how do you in the absence of the router at the same time surfing the Internet?

first of all A machine set, right-click an

click attributes in figure 1:

right-click wireless network into the Internet protocol attribute,

according to figure 2 configuration:

and click "Wireless network configuration ""Label "As shown in figure 3:

click the add button, appear the configuration window, configuration according to FIG. 4.Figure 4:

configuration to search after the completion of the wireless network.Search to the newly added wireless networks.As shown in figure 5:

to right-click A broadband connection properties, select - senior - label, configuration in figure 6:

click ok, A machine configured!

set up under the machine B:

attributes, right-click on the wireless network into "Internet protocol attribute ", according to the configuration of figure 7:

click ok to complete configuration, so that it can be through A wireless network to the Internet, no router as well as access to the Internet!

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