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Tomcat server how to clean up the cache

2018-01-11 15:11:53

tomcat server how to clear the cache

tomcat because of its open source, free, small runtime occupies system resources, good scalability, load balancing and mail service application system development of commonly used functions and was deeply loved by programmers, so how to clean up the tomcat server cache?

tomcat is the Apache Software Foundation (Apache Software Foundation's Jakarta project of a core project, by Apache, Sun, and some other companies and individuals to develop and become.Thanks to the Sun's participation and support, the newest Servlet and JSP specification can always reflected in the Tomcat, 5 support the latest Tomcat Servlet 2.4 and JSP 2.0 specification.Because Tomcat advanced technology, stable performance, and free, thus deeply lovers of Java and got some software developers for approval, is now more popular Web application server.Currently the latest version is 7.0.

cleaning up the server cache can eliminate some unknown errors. If you run the wrong projects before, and you don't cache the server cache in time, errors can still happen in new projects: so cleaning up the cache is very necessary:

step / method

first opens Myeclipse8.5, and here I use Myeclipse8.5, so I'll explain it in version 8.5: if you use Eclipse or Myeclipse, you can still use this method:

The first method of step 1: open a project, here I open the Mail project, and then click on the project- in the Myeclipse menu bar to select clean: as shown in the following figure:

step two: click here to clean up the cache

directly without entering the Tomcat server

The approach is simple, but it is not enough to clean up the Tomcat cache thoroughly.

step one: the second method into the tomcat installation directory to clear the cache, here I use tomcat6.0, using tomcat is free of installation, use directly after decompression, suggest you also use this version, rather than the installed version, if you are using a version installed, method and the decompression version are exactly the same.Step 2:

and then click enter the tomcat after decompression, and find the work folder.This file under a catalina directory (tomcat small called catalina), the work files in the directory can be deleted.Step three:

work directory has a catalina directory.Delete the work after the tomcat directory, the cache has been deleted.

step four: if we previously released a project is wrong, as everybody knows, released a tomcat project under the webapps, if the project is wrong before running the new project is sure there will be wrong.Error of previous project legacy, at this time, just delete the previous project.Step 5:

into the webapps will have to do is remove legacy project before, can also be empty all of the project, because the workspace Myeclipse project before, we only need to release, the tomcat webapps directory will automatically reload workspace project into the webapps.Is it convenient?

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