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Totolink router settings

2018-01-04 13:43:01

Totolink router belongs to south Korean brands, Totolink router is one of the most common use of the router, a colleague asked me today Totolink router how to set up, the problem has been troubling her for a few days.Here is to share the totolink router setup steps:

totolink router Settings?

1, you must set the IP address: click on the lower left corner of the start menu, select The network connection "As shown in the figure below.

2, then there will be a local connection network connection;We choose properties to open the right-click local connection;In the properties in the pop-up box, select the TCP protocol, as shown in the figure below:

3, in double click Internet protocol (TCP/IP) "After the IP address of the pop-up box click to obtain IP address automatically, as shown in the figure below:

4, if it is automatic acquisition, you will need to add the IP, if need to manually set the IP address then fill in the correct IP address and DNS server.After

5, set up network parameters can be connected to the wireless network;Your wireless network card will search available wireless connections in the current environment, click to select the correct wireless network connection will be connected to the network.

6, enter in the browser's address bar.The browser will enter the router Settings page, as shown in the figure below:

7, click on the wan setup wizard menus into the installation wizard interface;Users can choose automatic and manual two kinds of network configuration, here are the network configuration manually.Select manual network configuration, click Next, as shown in the figure below:

totolink router Settings?Above is the detailed steps totolink router Settings.Network providers ISP provide account number and password online user generally choose PPPOE ways of access to the Internet.

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