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Touch, ID can register a few fingerprints? Touch, ID fingerprinting safe?

2018-03-02 17:56:32

touch ID can register several fingerprints?Touch ID fingerprint safe?

Touch ID is refers to the apple iPhone and the series of exclusive press type fingerprint unlock function, the can provide mobile phone to unlock, and for the use of the App Store passwords (Touch ID API has been released, App developers can also be used in the application through Touch ID authentication, for example alipay), use very convenient, but there are also worries about the safety issues.

now Touch ID can only be registered five fingerprints, to do so may be apple for security reasons.The average person when registered a fingerprint can repeatedly with a finger pressure, unlock the success rate will be higher, so if when registering a fingerprint change with different finger?According to reports coming from the GeekBar, when Touch ID registered fingerprints in fingers when the unlock work as well.

according to the test taken GeekBar film shows that, when the input fingerprint with the method of five fingers press the fingerprint in turn, unexpectedly can also enter a success.And through the follow-up tests, have just input fingerprint of each finger, can successfully unlock the phone!

as a result, this can only be registered a maximum of 5 the limitation of the fingerprint is useless, you can register more fingerprints, but it will reduce the security?This is apple's Touch ID a Bug?

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