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Tp, link router speed settings and security settings

2018-02-13 14:08:06

tp link router Settings: the router speed Settings and security Settings with

routing industry development in our country, the application of broadband router is also more widely, also promoted the routing technology updates, explain the tp link here router Settings in the router speed Settings and P2P.

tp link router Settings: problems setting up the router speed Settings and P2P

full name P2P peer - to - peer, can be defined as: in a centralized way to use a class of distributed resources to complete the mission critical systems and applications.There are two definitions of explain:

resources??Including the computing power, data, network bandwidth, etc;The key task??Distributed computing, file sharing, platform service, cooperative communication, etc.For the average user groups, use of file sharing, of course.This software has several kinds of typical representative: BT,,,,, QQ live, PPStream, etc.

router speed limit set 1, sealing port

tp link router Settings, this method is using sealing port to the router speed limit set only on a small scale to limit the use of P2P software, the effect is not very good;Because many P2P software can manually specify the listener port;If not specified listener port manually, the software itself using the listener port range is relatively large, usually is 0 ~ 65535.If just like web surfing, email and QQ application, so can the ban out most don't need to use the port.

, of course, so many ports, specific to ban which ports, depends on your own, as long as it doesn't affect your work and life.Here to limit the effects of this kind of port is: used in P2P network host can connect outside of the webmaster, there were fewer opportunities, however, does not completely limit the application of P2P software.Can be in "Security Settings - IP address filtering "Set in, because the thunderbolt server usually use 3076307 3076307 8 the three ports and client communication, so the sealing off the three ports, thunderbolt download speed will reduce a lot.Seal other P2P software similar listener port.

router speed limit set 2, blocking access to more famous BT site

this kind of method can prevent access to the BT website.For example: btchina, film and television empire, and so on.At the same time, also can block the tracker server.Bigger the tracker server: btfans.3322.org, bt.5qzone.net.Can be in "Security Settings - domain filtering "Set in a minute.Router speed limit set 3, limit

single bandwidth

USES this method to the speed limit for all network host unified bandwidth usage status is the same, the host of the advantages and disadvantages.Due to the uplink bandwidth was rarely adsl, therefore, special attention should be paid to limit the uplink bandwidths of the single machine.This method is suitable for the belt "IP QoS"Function of the broadband router.Router speed limit set 4, limit

single connection number

use this method to network all hosts to limit the number of connections, is mainly based on the broadband router do NAT translation, can maintain some connection entry for the application.P2P software to use when need to take up a lot of number of connections, and the number of connections of broadband router itself can tolerate is limited, so, when the host limit the number of connections in a, can effectively maintain the broadband router connection number entry.This method is suitable for the belt "Limit the number of connections "Function of the broadband router.

TP link router Settings: wireless router password based on the TP -

link wireless router, for example, other wireless router password set its similar part router wireless router set the password: (router address and access password please provide default values to replace their own set of values).

1. Open a browser in the address bar enter enter password prompt window popup wireless router Settings.

2. Enter the user name and the password prompt window wireless router password (the default admin, if there is any discrepancy in the router should have been given the following corresponding value) and press ok.This pop-up setup wizard and open interface is set two pages, setup wizard can close, then enter the specific wireless Settings section.

3. Click on the left of the list "Wireless parameters "Enter "Wireless network basic setup "Page.

4. On the right page can see some wireless router password basic parameters.

ssid can fill in the name of your favorite also can not be amended, modified purpose is to facilitate the wireless devices with other wireless router Settings when surrounded by multiple wireless router to distinguish frequency change (+ - 3 general relative to other routing frequency for wireless router password, 13 spectrum is not recommended, because part of the cell phone or PDA with wifi function can't identify the spectrum).

determine the open wireless capabilities;Open security Settings has ticked (allow the SSID broadcasting junior players tick proposals to prevent my forget router SSID, cause unnecessary trouble), wireless router password, general household type selection and other network security;WEP", security options to choose "Automatic selection ".

key format options: "ASCII "(hexadecimal is trouble, it's hard to remember password), behind the keys 1 key type to select a corresponding value (128) proposed, the key content to fill in the corresponding box with their passwords, pay attention to the number of characters can more nor less.

selected 64 key 10 hexadecimal number of characters must be entered, or 5 ASCII characters.Choose a 128 - bit key hexadecimal number 26 characters must be entered, or 13 ASCII characters.Choose a 152 - bit key hexadecimal number 32 characters, must be entered or 16 ASCII characters.More than

determine set steps to complete "Save "Button, wireless router to close part of the set.To the computer Settings and no password set up basic same, just when prompted to enter SSID and password please make your own translation (English system) when the input value accordingly.

tp link router password note: when set up but can't surf the Internet, please use cable connection (wireless network card and local cable network CARDS at the same time open or may cause IP address conflicts.In simple terms is to use wireless Internet, unplug cable;When using the Internet surfing the Internet with shortcut button to turn off the wireless equipment), to check accordingly.Tp -

LINK by speed setting and solving

next to me is made by and share of network, the next door is two computers, one in my family, a recent online movies next door, I can't the edge of the network card, so I want to set the speed limit by the device, is split between the speed of 1 m, next to my house and 512 k respectively, checked the information, or can't set, IPQOS is what thing?I by the apparatus of zha didn't see this?Please help to set up, it is better for specific steps, I put my house by screenshot is coming.

tplink router speed limit problem added: thank you the answer, I have installed the terminator, the trouble you have some questions: 1, if the network is 512 k, how to set up rules (namely the upward on both sides of the descending speed, is how many?), if it's 1 m speed, how to set?What I want is fair, I also don't want to take advantage of them, but they also can't let me on the net.2, the terminator control over how to improve?3, the terminator can hide?I just don't want to see the sign on the bottom right hand corner screen.

this is home, you have no the function of the speed limit, you say ipQoS is intelligent bandwidth control, that is to say the device could be used for the following client different situation and application of intelligent speed limit, which means no longer like what you said each speed limit of 512 k, but smart assigned to the user below, generally adopts the intelligent speed limit, will take the principle of web pages and game preference, download the lowest.That is to say, if two people need bandwidth at the same time, a man in the open web pages, and the other people to download, bandwidth is automatically assigned to open web users!If you want to do what you say that kind of effect, there are three ways: (1) in a by.But it is not cost-effective for you, but is very direct, as long as it is any Internet cafe or companies use can be!2. The software can do, such as p2p terminator, there are free online version can be used!3. Discuss the two people, such as downloading, the speed limit in thunderbolt, although not completely, but it can close!As well as discuss, download can under the night!All is a friend should be very good to discuss!What's the problem, after can be directly ask me!!!!!!!Online every day, the hope can help you!

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