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Trace routing command is what

2018-03-03 13:14:48

trace route through "There is time TTL"Decreasing value of the field to "Interner control message protocol (ICMP) echo request "Or ICMPv6 message is sent to the target, find the path to the target, the list contains the source between the host and the target host must go through all the near side of the router interface.This function can be done by the Dos command Tracert command, below we will introduce in detail the Tracert command.

tracert command format [-d] [- h maximum_hops] [j cmputer - the list] [- w timeout] target_name

parameters introduced

- d: prevent the tracert command to intermediate router's IP address resolution by means of address resolution as the name, make the results of the tracert command speed display.

- h: you can specify the biggest jump points in the search target path, the default value is 30.

- j: only when used in tracking the IPv4 address.You can specify the echo request message from the IP header information loose route options and set up in the middle of the target the common use, and the largest number of 9. When using loose routing, can by one or more routers to continuous separated in the middle of the goal.

- w: you can specify a timeout every echo information, if not yet received the message more than set time, is displayed for "* ".The default time for 4 seconds.

- r: only when used in tracking IPv6 address.You can use the source host as the intermediate target test reverse routing, the echo request message sent back to the local host.

- s: only when used in tracking IPv6 address.You can specify a message used in the source address.

-4: mandatory use IPv4.

-6: mandatory the use of IPv6.

target_name: specify the target IP address or host name.

command used

trace route command format and parameters in the above part has introduced in detail, but the tracert command how to use in practice?Below we'll be aiming at www.to8to.com for demonstration.

1 in

1. Open a command prompt window menu bar search "Cmd"And use the administrator open a command prompt window.

2 here www.to8to.com

2. Type the command set as the goal, type the command: tracert - d www.to8to.com, you can see returns after the middle of the routing address automatically.

to be sure, the above shows the result is not just after a routing by this machine arrived in www.to8to.com, but the article shows the final routing address directly.The specific reason is due to the small make up to use the router to connect to the Internet, some in the router to factory was blocked during tracking routing functions, all no matter to which address as the goal, only to return to an echo request message.Solution using wired network directly, in a router, or download a tracert command tool.

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