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Two computers with a network cable using wireless Internet access detailed diagram

2018-01-19 12:02:47

a. First of all set connection cable notebook for the host, to introduce the following laptop host Settings.

1. Open online neighbors, at point blank right selection properties as shown in figure 1:

2. Select local connection right attributes -Senior -Internet connection sharing off selected as shown in figure 2:

3. The following is the setting of wireless network card, select the wireless network connection right attributes -Regular as shown in figure 3: in

"Regular "Under the TAB, and then double-click "TCP/IP protocol ".Configure IP address and subnet mask and respectively (see chart), other do not need to set up, such as display and broadband IP conflict, please try again after restarting the computer.

4. Click on the host "Wireless network connection properties "The window "Wireless network configuration ", click on the below "Senior ", in the network to access, hook "Only the computer to computer "(this is the key, must choose this can link) as shown in figure 4:

5. Set up a virtual wireless AP, this step is the key.On the host "Wireless network configuration "Option card, click "Add ", add a SSID to host: "The service name (SSID) "Can be arbitrary naming, but two computers at the same SSID must & # 65377;No special need, "Network authentication "Can be configured to "Open ", "Data encryption "Can be configured to "Disabled "The & # 65377;As shown in figure 5:2:

extension set is simple.Select the wireless network connection right attributes -Routine, set "TCP/IP properties "For "Automatically obtain IP address "And throughout the &;Automatically obtain DNS server address ".Click "Identify ".

the right mouse button click "Wireless Internet connection ", select "See the available wireless connection ", search for new wireless networks, click connection (host and extension to perform the same action), wireless LAN sharing Settings successfully.

note: if we can't do it automatically access, (to be automatic access to can't I tried many times), then manually, with the host IP address is the same, but at the end of the digital change a casually, such as the host for, extension can be modified as 192.168.0. (2-200 any number can be), the child WangMa click automatically set, the default gateway remember the IP is set to the host, such as, DNS server, remember must be set to host the DNS server used in the local network connection.

at this time we are looking at the lower right corner on each computer wireless icon will find shows "Wireless network connection and signal strength is very good, state has connected ".So two laptop can surf the Internet at the same time.

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