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Unicom broadband set-top box how to set up, China Unicom broadband set-top box settings

2018-01-11 15:53:29

set-top box is very common in our life, now every family use digital television, set-top box is an important part of digital TV, set-top box is to convert the digital signal to the TV signal, and the sound and image display on TV.But a lot of friends on the set-top box Settings and other functions of the set top box is not very familiar with, then small make up about a set-top box gave you talk about the basic knowledge.We hope our share to be of service.

unicom broadband set-top box set method

set-top box is generally divided into the two-step use network, the first step is to connect the TV, the second step is to choose the signal source, the third step, to connect to the Internet, let's step by step operation.

the first step, first you need to connect your TV set-top boxes with unicom network.You have two choices, first use the AV interface connects televisions and set-top box, also can use HDMI hd line connection or TV.

the second step, if you choose the AV interface connected TV, so you can choose video (AV) signal source;If you choose the HDMI connection television, then select the TV signal input interface should choose HDMI input (if you don't know what is AV interface, HDMI interface, it doesn't matter, in detail below).

the third step, using cat pull a wiring unicom network television set-top boxes, or from the television was pulled a thread connection router, the cat in the set-top box through wired or wireless router connection.

if you choose to wiring boxes, so don't need to input password to use, and stable speed, if you choose to set-top boxes, wireless network connection speed may not be stable, but will be very convenient, unicom network connected TV set-top boxes to any room can use.

note: wireless network connection to the set-top box will need to input password online, this is we should enter the router Internet password, rather than unicom online account password.Unicom

set-top box password

unicom network set-top box without password?Many netizens use unicom network set-top box will encounter such a problem, you can look at the instructions, if is set up on its own, manual will have prompt, factory password is usually 123456 or 000000;If you want to set up by oneself, open the main menu ——System Settings ——Parental control ——Set the password ——Ok.

if you don't know the Internet account, the password is that you give when dealing with broadband dial-up account and password (on unicom acceptance form to your business, yellow or blue paper has).

unicom network set-top box WIFI password change

on a computer browser address bar (such as IE) input: or premise is your computer connected to the router, and then select the wireless Settings, modify the inside of the Internet password, set-top boxes and unicom network online password is the new password has been modified (router Internet password is the online password) set-top box.

set-top box is very important in our life, also is the realization of digital TV important equipment.But a lot of friends in our life to the knowledge of the set-top box Settings and set-top box is not very familiar with.And now the set-top box is also becoming more and more diversified, the function is also more and more.More than our share of share set-top box set method in detail.I hope you in later life if there are any place there is a problem on the set-top box can pay more attention to our share content.

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