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Universal Router Connected to Layer 3 Switch Settings

2018-05-17 12:21:51

Through setting up the Flying Fish Star router, computers on the three network segments of the Intranet can be properly connected to the Internet. Assume that a Layer 3 switch is connected to the VE1260. The IP address of the interface connecting the Layer 3 switch and the VE1260 is, and the IP address of the internal network interface of the VE1260 is The three layers are divided into 3 layers. The VLANs have IP segments of,, and

The specific network topology is as follows:

1. Specific configurations on the VE1260

Before configuring the VE1260, the lower layer 3 switches have static routes configured to direct all outgoing traffic to the upper router (

(1) The mode of the flying fish router is NAT mode;

(2) The internal network port is configured as, and the mask is the same as the three-layer switch.


(3) The configuration of the external network port is the same: the configuration of the external network port is the same as the configuration of the following three switches that are not connected.

(4) Configure the internal network extension.

Second, based on the above basic configuration, you need to add,, and to the Intranet extension on the VE1260.

(1) Click Advanced Options in the VE1260 Configuration Interface - Address Translation - Add New Rule

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