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Use and installation of network distribution frame

2018-01-03 12:02:48

now, with the progress of science and technology and the information developed, the computer has gradually become a part of people's lives generally, affects the way people live, work conditions and forms of entertainment.But more and more people use the computer, they can get to the Internet channel is through the Internet, the increase in the computer can make the cable quantity also gradually to increase.So if we don't have a care for the cable, it is likely to chaotic.So here's what to use to introduce the network distribution frame, make these cables put began to have a well organized.

network distribution frame is introduced:

network distribution frame is used in optical fiber communication network of optical cable, optical fiber end, protection, connection and management of wiring devices.Of cable can be accomplished by the distribution frame fixed, stripping, and grounding protection, as well as all kinds of optical fiber welding, jump, redundant fiber coiling, reasonable scheduling functions such as cloth, wiring, is between transmission media and transmission equipment of form a complete set of equipment.If there is no distribution frame, front end point of access to the switch directly, so if the cables once appear problem, face to rewiring.In addition, the management is chaotic, plug may cause the damage of the switch port for many times.Distribution frame have solved the problem, can achieve a better management by replacement of jump line.

network distribution frame USES:

is mainly used to manage the front-end information point on the board end of modular equipment.Front end point of cable (5 or 6 class line) devices are first into the distribution frame, will play on the module of distribution frame line, and then use jumper (RJ45 interface) connected to the distribution frame and switches.

usage and dosage are mostly based on the number of overall network point or the floor, and close to the floor, it depends on how system diagram) to configure the number of network points.Different architecture, system design, the main distribution frame between the equipment will be different.Only four layers such as a building, set up between the main equipment in a layer, between all the network point of floor into the device, then the distribution frame is equal to the number of the building is all network point/distribution frame port number (24, 48 mouth mouth, etc.), and plus a certain margin;If a building has 9 layer, set between the main equipment in the 4 layers, so to avoid cable long, may have points between devices on each floor, and switching equipment.The main distribution frame is 4 layer between the equipment of network point number/port number distribution frame (24, 48 mouth mouth, etc.).

network distribution frame installation method:

used tools: pressing line clamp a line about a cross and a screwdriver with each beat module line tool before a

inside the cabinet installed distribution frame, first of all to be equipment location planning or location shall be determined in accordance with the drawings, unified consideration cabinet inside the jumper wire frame, distribution frame, wire ring, switches and other equipment.At the same time, considering the distribution frame and switch between jumper is convenient.

when using the way of the ground wire cable, general cable from the bottom of the cabinet into the cabinet inside, distribution frame should be installed at the bottom of the cabinet.Adopt the mode of bridge line, general cable from inside the cabinet top wear into the cabinet, distribution frame should be installed in the upper cabinets.Cable taken from inside the cabinet side wear into the cabinet, the central distribution frame should be installed in the cabinet.Around

distribution frame should be installed in the corresponding holes, level error is not more than 2 mm, more is not allowed to wear around dislocation installation.Distribution frame fitted with the following steps:

(1) check the distribution frame and accessories complete.

(2) the distribution frame installed on the cabinet design the location of the column.Line


(4) termination lineup.Article

(5) completes the tag, install tags.

distribution frame installation should pay attention to the following: (1) distribution frame shall be installed in the middle of the cabinet below.

(2) the distribution frame installation direction for crystal head facing.

(3) when installation should pay attention to the level of the installation and fixed distribution frame.Above

is summarized network distribution frame for you to use and installation methods, hope to help everyone in the management on the Internet is.Actually we use distribution frame through the network to manage network cable put, on the one hand, can in order to deal with different cable, but also save space., on the other hand, also effectively avoid the happening of the fire, such as many cable disorganized put together, a leakage, all cables will endanger the, then the loss is immeasurable, so we need to, also good to use network distribution frame.

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