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Using point to point wireless network to realize temporary sharing of mobile phone and computer unde

2018-02-07 12:23:50

Windows 7 wireless created by test, Windows 7, Windows 8 system can normal connection to the Internet, Windows 8.1 can't search to the signal, the android system can search to the signal, IOS7.0 IOS8.1 test can search to but unable to connect to join, please confirm before connection device type.

1, into the control panel, network and sharing center, set up a new connection or network or desktop icon on the bottom right hand corner network right "Open network and sharing center "Open, here in the lower right corner desktop method;After

2, open the middle choice "Set up a new connection or network ";

3, selection "Set up wireless temporary) (computer to computer network ";

4, click "The next step ";5, enter the network name (ssid) and wireless key (it is recommended to use wep format), and check "Save the network ";

6, set up after the completion of the computer will appear similar to tip;Among note: enable the intelnet connection sharing options, if set before its not connected to network won't have this reminder, there are other connection will have this option.

7, click "Shut down ", the operation is complete.8, as the default boot wireless, the mouse to click the task bar at the bottom right corner network connection icon, find just click Settings of the wireless signal connection, as follows: 

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