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View router wifi password method

2018-01-19 09:14:57

as a powerful mobile Internet function, flow lines has couldn't keep up with demand, family inside each of us is now almost invariably with wifi, but if not careful the router password forgot what should we do?Is there to found out the way?View the router wifi password:

if you reinstall the operating system, the computer, there is no history information on network Settings.You can log on to another computer to check the router password.The first method: right-click the taskbar network indicator, choose open network and sharing center.Around

click manage wireless networks, we can see the wireless network.

to find their own wireless network router, check the attributes can be.

right click on the icon and select properties.Click the security TAB.To display character hook, password appears, how, very simple?

the second approach is to start the router, click the Internet icon on the taskbar, so that we can see nearby WIFI.

then you can find your own network, right-click on it, the pop-up properties window, you can view the password.

7 in the same way, in the wireless network in the properties window, click the security TAB, click display character, can see the router password.General said since installing the router, home must have more than two computers or mobile phones, this method is feasible.

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