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WLAN how to set the password, WLAN set the password method

2018-01-03 15:41:43

now, many families have been used in the wireless networks, but before the new routers and wireless networks will set the password, prevent others from using the network.Because wireless is the way through the wireless network can share out the Internet network, equipment can then use the Internet via wireless connection, but many people just used to connected to the Internet, but did not set the password, so the phenomenon of ceng network will be a lot, so we must carry on the wireless network password, but a lot of people don't know how to set up, to protect the network security, so want to know if you read along with small make up.

step one: first of all we need to prepare a computer, and a router, first we turn on the router, the next step is to operate on the computer, click on the lower right corner on the computer desk of the network, then find their home wireless networks and connected, connect the router to share their own network, point to open a browser, and then input to the browser address bar enter or the page will be into the heart of the home router Settings.Step 2:

: will there be a login button in the interface, click enter, and to the administrator login, then will pop up a warning dialog, enter your user password inside some initial password of user passwords are the same, after login after press the login button can get into personal accounts.Web page at the top of the jump and then click the Settings, then click the button enter the wireless network wireless network Settings password Settings.This time will be on the interface of a wireless network password Settings dialog, then we can in the Shared password input your password, click ok, after setting up wireless password is set successfully.

third step: after the wireless network password set, and then restart the router, open after the equipment is connected to the wireless networks need a password, only need to input has just set up wireless network password can use.

note: if the mobile phone to connect wireless networks, then also need according to the above methods on a mobile phone browser Settings in the wireless network password.

small make up home wireless network password are introduced on how to set up, set up the wireless network password at home will not have to worry about the network after being rubbed net, lead to slow for my own use wireless networks.Small make up finally, remind everybody, set the wireless network password best complicated, because there are a lot of the WiFi password cracking software in the market now, if the password is simple, the network will be rubbed!

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