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What if I forget the login password of the TP-LINK router?

2018-06-11 14:06:38

2. Turn off the router's power supply (that is, unplug the transformer connector) and look for the tip of the pen tip and hold down the Reset key;

1. On the router's front/back panel There is a small hole next to the word: Reset;

4. Note that resetting the router will restore the factory settings. The default login IP is; the default user name and password are Admin/admin, please note that when you log in, your computer's IP address is not at 192.168.1.X (1

tp link router password 3, power up the router, (that is, the transformer connector Re-plug and wait for about 3-10 seconds. After the M1 and M2 lights flash three times at the same time, they can release hands (the wireless router blinks the System light three times) and the reset is successful. After the router is started, the login password of the TP-LINK router is forgotten. What should I do? Settings will be restored to their default values ​​(Note that by pressing the Reset button with power on, it is not possible to restore the default values).

If you forget your username and password while using your router, you can only Restore the router to the factory state.The following is a TP-LINK broadband router TL-R402M, TL-R410, TL-R460, T L-R480T and other wireless routers TL-WR340G, TL-WR541G, TL-WR641G for convenience, restore the factory settings are:

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