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What is Qualcomm dual-channel WIFI, Qualcomm 2 * 2WIFI what is the use

2018-03-02 10:35:03

What is qualcomm double channel WIFI: under the same roof, why speed difference so big?Ming will have the same WIFI signals, with what TA play dish 5 pesticides kill, I play the pesticide to tail from scratch card?Spirit!Is there really any black technology?IT's small make up to tell you, your significant other may use a mobile phone with qualcomm double pathway WIFI technology!Want to know what qualcomm double pathways of WIFI?Want to know what's the use of qualcomm, 2 * 2 wifi?Listen to the small moments.What's dual access WIFI

before introduce what is qualcomm double pathway WIFI, let's meet what is the double pathways of WIFI.

traditional single channel WIFI transmitter and the receiver are only one antenna, data transceiver can only rely on a channel, you can put the single channel 1 * 1 WIFI as a two-way lanes to understand.If only a single data transmission, single channel of WIFI or can cope with.

but the increase in the number of data in the data, the data quantity increases, single channel WIFI it is easy to occur "Traffic jam ", cause we common delay, buffer.If there are other equipment surrounding the interference or wall blocks, single channel of WIFI may appear unable to connect to WIFI reception is poor even.

and double access WiFi is on the basis of the single channel more added a channel, forming two two-way lanes.In this way, the old drivers can more freely, grid data transceiver speed and stability can be significantly improved.

double channel WIFI is on the data sending and receiving more advantages than single path, but the mobile phone manufacturer is has always been unimpressed.We know that increasing mobile space, add a physical antenna is bound to crowding out the location of the other parts.Even added a physical antenna, if the lack of Modern modem support, two-lane WIFI is just a decoration.What is

qualcomm double channel WIFI

thanks to the great qualcomm siege of the lion, for we created the WIFI speed of science and technology of black --Qualcomm two-lane WIFI.

qualcomm double channel WIFI (2 * 2 WIFI qualcomm) and said before there is a difference between the double channel.Under the premise of it without any increase in physical antenna, adopt a more clever technology --LTE/WIFI antenna to be Shared.In LTE antenna, antenna has a LTE/WIFI sharing, with the antenna can be used for both 4 g on the Internet, also can connect with WIFI.

this antenna is like sharing with the tidal lane on the road, we automatically when connected wi-fi antennas should be Shared with the temporary lend WIFI use;When using 4 g Internet, Shared antenna and come back at the mobile network sent.What's the use of

qualcomm 2 * 2 wifi

"Speed, such as knife, the key in the cat.Throughout the &;

qualcomm 2 * 2 wifi again the golden sentences performance of magic.On the one hand, not adding new WIFI antenna means that cell phones can get greater use of internal space, mobile phone manufacturer at design time don't have to choose to WIFI transmission problems.

, on the other hand, LTE/WIFI antenna Shared way of increase in Internet performance is very obvious.In the same WIFI environment, qualcomm 2 * 2 WIFI speed faster than single channel, the probability of signal interference by other smaller, more stable performance.In extreme WIFI environment, qualcomm 2 * 2 WIFI advantages are more obvious.Especially when people share a WIFI, qualcomm 2 * 2 more faster enough WIFI access signals, and provides more stable connection status.

in understanding what's the use of the qualcomm 2 * 2 wifi, small make up still could not help but want to tell you a truth --Not all phones support qualcomm two-lane WIFI.At present, only the flagship processor Xiao end processor Xiao dragons in 835 and 835 to support the technology.

what qualcomm double pathways WIFI is?Know what's the use of qualcomm, 2 * 2 wifi.If you find that broadband routers are all the same, but the speed is always slow half than others, so when are you chop a support qualcomm two-lane WIFI phone.

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