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What is the difference between wlan and wifi, wlan and wifi difference introduced

2018-03-02 15:03:34

now intelligent mobile phone and computer has entered the people's life.In life we often encounter such a problem, when we open the wireless network is clearly open wlan, but there are a lot of people will ask our homes have wifi, so what is the difference between on wlan and wifi!Maybe there are a lot of people don't know the difference between them, the following small make up for you something about some differences between wlan and wifi, consult for everybody to learn.

a, literally understand wlan and wifi:

some learning English friends knew wlan and wifi's English name is different, the wlan is refers to the wireless communication technology and computer equipment are connected together, thus constituted a can communicate with each other and realize resources sharing network system, and what we call the wifi refers to the public of the wireless local area network, and this kind of network is very much, everybody in the coffee shop or other business where there will be such a wifi hotspot.

2, essentially we understand the difference between wlan and wifi:

in the first place we have wifi and wlan coverage to distinguish, wifi are generally very small and the range of bluetooth, it sends out the distance there is a defect, and what we call the wlan coverage is broad, it can cover an area, a scope.Secondly we from the wifi and wlan transmission power to distinguish between size, wlan including wifi, wifi is a new technology of wlan protocol, and the scope of its radiation can reach about 90 meters, and the radiation scope of wlan, can reach up to 5 km.

3, from our intelligence on some places can distinguish: after

when we open the mobile intelligent terminal, there will be a wlan, and wireless network, there will be a lot of inside when we search for some wireless networks, you can proceed to the Internet, but most of the wireless network is need a password, and those who need the password of the wireless network is what we usually call the wifi.Through introducing the small make up more than

I think everybody on wlan and wifi to the difference between a general!Their scope and nature is not the same, I hope you in later life, there will not be such a slip of the tongue, and at the same time, also for such a big learning network knowledge, the hope can help you.

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