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What is the repeater?

2018-03-02 16:51:21

repeater repeater is what is

?Repeaters are used to extend the network distance LAN environment most simple and cheap connected devices, operating in the OSI physical layer, repeater for online signal amplification regeneration function on the road.

Repeaters (RP repeater) is a kind of device connected to the network line, often used in physical signals between two network nodes bidirectional forwarding work.Repeater is the most simple network interconnection equipment, mainly to complete the function of the physical layer, is responsible for the two nodes of the physical according to convey information, complete signal copy, adjust and amplification function, in order to extend the length of the network.Due to wear and tear, online way transmission of signal power will gradually decay, decay to a certain extent will cause distortion of signal, thus causes a receive error.Repeater is designed to solve this problem.It completes the physical line connection, the attenuation of the signal amplifier, keep the same as the original data.In general, repeater at both ends of the connection are the same media, but some Repeaters also can complete the transfer of different media work.In theory the use of Repeaters is infinite, network and so can be unlimited extension.In fact it is impossible, because the network standard in the delay of the signal range made specific provision, repeater can effectively work within the scope of the rules, otherwise it will cause a network failure.


Repeaters (Repeater) work in the OSI physical layer, is the center of all nodes on the local network, its role is amplified signal, to compensate the signal attenuation, support long distance communication.Advantages of

to expand the communication distance, but at the expense of increased some store-and-forward delay.

the maximum number of the nodes are added.

each segment can use different communication rate.

to improve the reliability.When the network failure, usually affects only the individual segment.

performance improved.


as the repeater I received the attenuation of the signal regeneration (restoration) to send the status of the and forward out, increase the time delay.MAC sub-layer

can bus and no flow control function.When the load is very heavy on the network, which may be due to buffer storage space is not enough in the repeater overflow occurs, so that produce the frame loss phenomenon.

Repeaters if a fault occurs, the neighboring two subnets will have an impact work.

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