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What is the smallest 3G wireless router

2018-02-28 16:25:44

Tp - Link to launch claims to be the global minimum of 3 g wireless router TL - WR702N, its area is only half the size of a regular credit card, 57 * 57 * 18 mm figure let you can bring it with you, is to go out of the tourists and business people preferred wireless products.It is designed for smartphones, tablets, notebook/netbook mobile devices such as wi-fi wireless Internet, support the five kinds of working mode, feature rich.And TL - WR702N adopts flexible way of USB power supply makes its overall size is smaller.

body with high precision mould technology and first-class surface polishing treatment.Support the AP (wireless access point), the Client (Client), the Repeater (wireless relay), Bridge (wireless Bridge), the Router (wireless Router) five working mode.Also supports IP bandwidth control in wireless router mode, peanut shell DDNS, firewall, traffic statistics and so on the many kinds of practical function.At the same time the product provides a wired LAN/WAN interfaces, under different working mode switch can automatically.

tl - WR702N can be included in the power adapter or any 5 v USB mobile charger power supply, can also be powered through the USB port of a laptop or desktop, when travel can save carrying power adapter.In addition, TL - WR702N provide a Micro USB power supply, the power cord can be Shared with cable most smartphones.

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