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What is the transmission rate of the small WiFi?

2018-03-02 16:31:12

small WiFi transfer rate is 11 b: 1/2/5. 5/11 MBPS, 11 g: 6/9/12/18/24/18/24/54 MBPS, 11 n: up to 150 MBPS.

small WiFi is a portable USB router, will realize the convenient user across a terminal connected to the Internet, carry cloud can realize free WiFi coverage indoors.Its size is small, the measurements of 28 mm (high) (wide) x10mm x17.5 mm (thickness), only 4 grams of weight, very easy to carry.

specifications, small degree of WiFi provide USB 2.0 interface, support 20 MHZ / 40 MHZ bandwidth, in line with the IEEE 802.11 n agreement, compatible with the IEEE 802.11 g and IEEE 802.11 b standard, support support 2.4 g band, support to operating system, Windows XP, Vista, 7/8 high transfer rate of 150 MBPS.Before

in general, the small degree of WiFi and 360 launch very similar on the portable WiFi function, mainly for entry-level users across the Internet terminals, the PC as a source of wi-fi hotspots, convenient mobile Internet use.

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