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What about IP-PBX

2018-01-04 14:42:39
How about


IP PBX is the PBX based on IP protocol, each phone terminals in the system adopts the IP method for data communication, not only can call, also can realize text, data, image transmission, telephone network and computer network unified into a whole, realize the electronic office within the local area network (LAN).Especially in the remote collaboration business, the electronic office will give full play to its strong resource advantage, in different parts of the IP PBX with the help of the Internet network complete free connectivity, using the simulation circuit switching, still can make a phone call from the IP network to the traditional telephone network.

although in domestic, telecommunications, mobile, unicom's 3 g network fee is very expensive, but in fact not so in foreign countries.In many countries for 3 g is unlimited traffic and mobile phones directly run on 3 g network platform, unlike domestic 3 g / 2 g switch.Only need to install some in the smart phone based on SIP protocol client IP phone software, can easily through the Internet access to your company's IP telephone exchange.Completely free and communication.

customers only need to dial the company's total number first, then dial the extension number, to find he was looking for, and our colleagues no matter where, as long as the mobile phone can access the mobile Internet, can at any time answering customer calls, domestic roaming and international roaming among this was replaced by free Internet.On the other hand, the traveling colleagues can also through the IP telephone system across the domestic and international long distance, perimeter phone number to call customers to use headquarters.

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