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What about a network R6400 router? R6400 disassembly and evaluation of internal structure

2018-01-08 13:27:20

r6400 with R7000 really nothing different, in appearance, five star at the bottom of the fixed screw located in the middle and the four below the floor MATS, dismantling is almost zero.

1, covering the PCB, with R7000 blue PCB color is different, but the layout is like.

2 no screws, PCB and base, the base of the aluminum plate by conductive paste for chip passive cooling.

3, PCB, metal shield is positive, below is wireless control chip.

4, 5 g wi-fi chips from Broadcom BCM4360, like R6300V2.

5, 2.4 G wi-fi chips from Broadcom BCM4331, same as R6300V2.

6, up and down two, respectively, 5 G and 2.4 G signal chip.

7, also has a metal shield on the back of PCB, there are large pieces of stick through the base of thermal conductivity of aluminum plate heat dissipation.

8, under the shield of three chip.

9, the main adopted Broadcom SoC BCM4708 A9 dual-core 800 MHZ processor, consistent with R6300V2.

10, samsung 2 gb (256 MB RAM chips.Like the R6300V2 capacity.

11, NAND FLASH chip for MX30LF1G08AA, the capacity of 1 gb (128 MB), same as R6300V2 capacity.

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