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What about industrial wireless routers, price and use of industrial wireless routers

2018-01-05 11:58:52

industrial-grade wireless router can say is now one of the common device of industrial field, it is mainly in the areas of environment is more bad, offers a variety of network support for everyone.As each big brand enterprise now launched a different type of industrial wireless router, let consumer groups using the choose and buy is also facing the confusion and problems.

have to say, for the use of such products, and home router has certain difference, but there are also some similarities.Let's take a look at this kind of product is in use and operation process of the basic matters need attention.

for the first

industrial-grade wireless routers use information points, any WiFi password industrial-class wireless router should pay attention to safety, remember that the password cannot too simple, so it is easy to leak.

placed second, due to the industrial wireless router, running environment is special, and even can be very bad, this time to pay attention to the surface of the router can't place too much sundry, more can not be placed around the perimeter of the router sundry, so it is easy to affect the cooling performance of the equipment.Third, industrial-grade routers support

different online time management, so in the process of setting, it is important to note that in accordance with different divisions of the workers' working hours.

the fourth, for voltage, electrical testing must be done, for use in the industrial field, the performance of the equipment system need to be very stable and reliable, can run for a long time, ensure the staff's daily network requirements.

now on the market so many brands and models of industrial wireless router, what product better?Below small make up for the recommend compare performance outstanding, industrial-grade routers are of good quality, good reputation, for your reference.

industrial level wireless router price introduction

product brand product model wireless transmission speed network protocol product price (yuan)

ZTE MF253S108MbpsIEEE 802.11b/g/n260-350 yuan

force Billiton T260S300MbpsIEEE 802.11b/g/n500-1100 element

TP-Link/ TL-WVR458G108Mbps802.11b 802.11g 802.11n 802.650-700 technologies

Dafu LTE FDD150MbpsIEEE 802.11c/b/g/n450-500 yuan

enterprise, industrial level and home level routers

The industrial router is a durable device for connecting two or more networks, which can only transmit the signal to the required port.The price is cheaper than enterprise, function stable and powerful.Household level router is relatively cheap.Advantage is suitable for large-scale enterprise network connection, can be used in a complex network topology, load sharing and optimal path.Enterprise router does not support the routing protocol, and installation of complex and the price is quite high.

forward higher performance, higher amount of machine most of the routers in general industrial level

is used for data transmission and other functions, many hundreds of, if you want to meet so many people wireless Internet needs at the same time, is for the router forwarding and machine have high performance requirements.And home routers low density, small signal strength, small coverage, forwarding performance and machine quantity is limited, if it is in the public use, such as enterprise will exist serious hidden dangers.

is more suitable for the enterprise the function orientation of

compared to the home router, enterprise-class router in this respect more superior performance, high speed Internet can meet more people.Enterprise most routers using high frequency network dedicated processor, data processing ability, has the further transmission distance, bigger area covered, can greatly improve the network transmission speed and capacity, operation is stable and better serve the needs of business people have high-speed Internet access.

richer routing protocol

slopes router usually has a number of security service industry, has a rich routing protocols, such as SNMP, static router, strategies, router, unified management protocol and so on, through these agreements, industrial-grade routers can ensure the safe operation of the network, and to protect the user data is not stolen.

industrial product design More suitable for long time using

normally, common when using a router, don't use too long, so there will be a lot of time " routersRest ".And industrial-grade routers when using a router, on the other hand, due to the needs of work, even need a router running 24 hours a day, most of the time it's industrial design put forward higher requirements for the router.

hope that through the above simple introduction, everyone for industrial wireless router price and main points of using the guidelines can be preliminary grasp some knowledge.

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