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What are broadband light sources, what are the functions of broadband light sources

2018-01-08 13:55:31

we now commonly known as Light throughout the city &;Actually that is to say, every household has realized broadband optical fiber door, the optical fiber as each family to the requirement of network traffic for us to provide the safeguard, a single optical fiber of 20 meters, access after the family, many families put all these optical fiber connection, for we live in a city has created "Light throughout the city &;, such a kind of all over the place of high-speed optical fiber, information can be widely spread rapidly, our download became very quickly, to obtain any information is no longer difficult.What is a broadband light source, what are some of the characteristics, experienced what kind of development?What's broadband light source

broadband light source is a very stable light source, it originated in the United States a company named IR, this kind of light source spectrum is wide, polarization degree is low, high power to ensure its stability.Broadband light source wavelength range is wide, can even reach 350 nanometers, high-energy light emitting diode to help its very accurate control of its implement the stability.Once we set up all the band, the broadband light source is applied to all communication window is no problem.High-speed external modulator can collaborate, and lock-in amplifier with high sensitivity measurement and communication of data.And polarization degree is low, to ensure the consistent high accuracy of measurement results.

the broadband light source used in the field of medicine, even can also improve X-ray tomography technology, optical quality is very high.

broadband light source, the effect of the

broadband light source spectrum scope to a certain extent, the lowest at 600 nm, highest can reach 1600 nanometers, correlation degree is low, and can choose the center wavelength, high power to ensure its stability, as well as very flat spectrum, any of the components, modules, even the desktop can be available.

broadband light source is widely used in all walks of life, so also convenient to our life, such as it can be applied to optical fiber sensor system, fiber optic gyro, optical test instrument and so on all need the support of the broadband light source, even in the production and test of passive components are widely used, can also be used in defense of military research.

the development of the broadband light source

broadband light source technology has improved, on the basis of the development of the SLED, namely ultra broadband light source, usually in fiber optic gyro, sensing system, use of special laboratory is ultra broadband light source.

this kind of light source on the basis of the traditional broadband light source has a higher output power, and spectral range also covered more than ordinary broadband light source.Divided into for laboratory use desktop light source, light source module type for the use of the project.Commonly used during core is more than 3 db and bandwidth over 40 nm special light source, the output power is very high, under the special integrated circuit, we can achieve a device using multiple ultra broadband light source so as to ensure the effect of spectral flat.This ultra broadband light source radiation more than

semiconductor laser, but below the semiconductor light-emitting diodes (leds), due to its superior features also gradually derived more series of products, but the ultra broadband light source according to the polarization of the light source sex is divided into two kinds, the extremely high polarization and low low polarization.

under our introduction to broadband light source, believe what you for broadband light source has a certain understanding, also for this kind of life bring convenience for us the equipment characteristics and application field is known, the development of the broadband light source also can along with the progress of science and technology and progress, believe that there will be more accurate in the future broadband light source in the service of human life.

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