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What are the components of the mainstream web server configuration,How much is the mainstream web se

2018-01-02 10:03:07

abstract: many clients make money open a website to buy the server, have a clear idea about their own web site application, but when it comes to server technology and performance, how to buy a satisfied server, often do not know how to start, small make up today will introduce you to the mainstream of the web server hardware configuration, the mainstream web server quote, together and see it.

"server configuration" of mainstream web server configuration Mainstream web server

Internet today is already by the various service roles that a huge number of servers and constitute a rich and colorful, information on the huge network world, the latest Intel Xeon processor USES 45 nm process technology, are offered in the second generation nuclear power, and speed up to 3.2 GHz, level 2 cache up to 12 MB, FSB1600Mhz.Can use the same technology, software and slot compatibility with existing platform performance improved, with the Intel 5400 series processor huge performance advantages, give a WEB server hardware configuration, build perfect cost-effective server.

many clients make money open a website to buy the server, have a clear idea about their site application, but when it comes to server technology and performance, how to buy a satisfied server, often do not know how to start, we today about the current mainstream web server application, classification and configuration for the server general offer.

in order to better understand the server application, we from the application point of view, combining server technology specification is different, can roughly three categories:

quickly handle type refers to the performance of the server the demand is higher, fast response speed requirements, such as portal website, online game servers, firewalls, such as the database server.

mass storage server refers to the server storage space requirements, such as video server, FTP server, online movie server EMAIL server is for both have certain requirements, depending on how many of the users, the user quota space, the size of the access frequency and preference for a certain type.

low stable server processing speed to the server, data storage requirements is not high, but the stability, high safety, such as enterprises and ordinary BBS site applications, and DNS and proxy server.Facing each kind of server application under

talk about the server hardware configuration requirements:


WWW server WWW server is a pursuit of type server performance, access to the server hardware platform is executed in the frequent degree and the WWW server support service complexity, namely call CGI program's cost in the system resources.In addition, different software vendors provide WWW server, same WWW server different versions of the cost of resources and the performance of the itself is different also.WWW Server configuration, therefore, should first determine the Server software,

at present, two more popular on the INTERNET WWW Server software is Apache and IIS, Microsoft IIS mainly aimed at small INTRANET environment, run on WINDOWS NT \/ 2000 \/ XP \/ 2000 Server platform, while Apache version has a variety of platforms: WINDOWS, Linux, Unix version.Came up out of the performance is relative to the Windows NT + IIS running Apache + PHP ASP to slightly stronger, Apache slightly better.Current version has been able to in high-performance hosts more than 10000 times a second processing operations (response to a request for an operation).Therefore, the enterprise according to the application development needs, select the corresponding software platform and hardware.

at present, the development of the computer is fast, the mainstream Xeon technology can meet the users of 100000.At the same time, low demand of WWW and DNS, and at the same time as the WWW, DNS server to use.





这类服务器主要以介绍企业为主要内容,数据量不高,并发访问通常静态网页或访问量在200次\/S以下,推荐硬件配置:Xeon 3040*1\/1G*2\/160G*2\/单千兆网卡



在500次\/S以下:Xeon 5310或Xeon 5405*1颗\/2G FBD667\/146G SAS\/RAID 1\/双千兆网卡

1000次访问\/S以上:Xeon 5335或Xeon5420*2颗\/2G FBD*4条\/146G SAS*3\/硬RAID 5\/双千兆网卡





维持500人以下同时在线:Xeon3210*1颗\/1G DDR667*2根\/160G SATA\/RAID 1\/千兆网卡

维持1000人以下同时在线:Xeon 5335*2颗\/1G FBD667*4根\/146G SAS*3\/RAID 5\/双千兆网卡



运行软件:Helix Server,Windows Media Services,VOD软件

技术要求:访问速度快,存储容量大,RAID 5


低配:Xeon 3210*1颗\/2G\/SATA 750G*8\/RAID 5\/双千兆网卡

高端:Xeon5410*2颗\/2G\/400G SAS*8\/RAID 5\/双千兆网卡


代理服务器是一个典型的性能敏感型服务器,一个好的代理服务器可支持绝大部分INTERNET服务的代理,目前,INTERNET上使用的代理软件很多,其中NETSCAPE PROXY SERVER是其中的佼佼者,不仅可支持绝大部分INTERNET服务的代理功能,而且可允许用户嵌入自己的代理分页标题认证管理功能模块,同时,还可支持 PROXY SERVER的串接,代理认证用户名及口令的SSL加密,防止网络监听,是INTRANET代理服务器的较为理想的选择。Therefore, we recommend using the NETSCAPE PROXY SERVER, and embedded agent fee software NETGATE, my company to implement the PROXY service and user management, safety protection.

proxy server processing the data related to the service agent, various services of average is about 100 k (mainly the HTTP access) or so, if you want to achieve 10% of the 2000 users access at the same time, the server dealing with the amount of data required for about 2000 * 10% * 100 k = 20 m, unit frequency processing is the amount of data is about 1 m, therefore, the main frequency number is: 20\/0.4 m = 20 m, but now the network port need to configure the two, therefore, should consider the main frequency 200 m to promote network port number, plus the system frequency number, total should be 320 m, the working principle of the proxy server is resident in memory a lot of agent process service for different users, so the demand for memory.

of course, for small and medium-sized enterprises, less than 200 days, the mainstream of single xeon 3.0\/2.8 GHz server basically can satisfy, as for the 1 gb memory capacity configuration can completely satisfy the application, for some large enterprises, can consider to use double xeon processor server, as for memory capacity according to the specific number, appropriately increased memory.

main characteristic: the

running software: Windows, ROS, Linux, FreeBSD

technical requirements: stable, cheap, multiple network card

recommended configuration: Xeon3040 * 1 star] \/ g \/ 1 ST80G SATA\/ShuangQian trillion card

three, FIREWALL is

at present, the INTERNET is the most popular in the CHECK POINT's FIREWALL software FIREWALL - 1, the greatest characteristic of the software is fully functional, easy to manage.But the software is not a MPP software system, so the increase of the CPU to little effects on the performance of the software, if you need to do a lot of NAT (network address translation), consideration should be given enough memory configuration, to win the size of the current configuration should be at least 2 gb of memory.As a result, such as separate implementation configuration should be considered a multi-core Xeon, 2 gb of memory, 74 g10k hard disk can be meet applications.As with the above services on the same machine, should increase the memory and hard disk capacity accordingly.

main characteristic: the

running software: CheckPoint against the attacks such as software

technical requirements: multiple processors, high-speed network card

recommended configuration: Xeon 5355 * 2\/2 g \/ 74 g more than 10 k SATA\/gigabit nics


EMAIL, EMAIL system is a system of real-time demand is not high, mainly to the requirement of hard drive space, at the same time, want to consider EMAIL server software support for users, according to the current demand, ordinary an entry-level server performance when using Linux platform Postfix mail system, level can support millions of users to send and receive EMAIL normally.E-mail server configuration, of course, the hard disk capacity is large enough, the proposal USES the mainstream of the large capacity hard disk, such as SAS 750 gb SATA hard disk or 750 gb hard drive, server to set aside the hardware frame in the meantime, in order to meet the application in the future.Recommended can be installed 8\/6 disk 2 u rack mount Server

main characteristic: the

running software: Exchange Server, Easy Mail

technical requirements such as: huge amounts of user demands high comprehensive configuration recommended configuration:

Xeon 3210\/2 * 8 g \/ 1000 g\/RAID5

five, the action of the DNS Server

DNS Server on the Internet is: put the domain name into the IP address of the network can identify.First of all, you know the web site is a in the form of a server, but how do we go to the web server to access?

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