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What are the functions of the DVR monitoring system and the functions of the DVR monitoring system

2018-01-03 15:37:40

monitoring system, this is very common in People's Daily life, maybe you didn't look closely at ordinary times, but it is ubiquitous.Do you often shopping in the supermarket, generally installed monitoring system.It can inhibit theft happened on the great degree.In addition, some special occasions will take advantage of the real-time monitoring and control system focused on the environment changes.So in the specific sense, DVR surveillance system exactly is what?What are the characteristics and the permissions?

a, system overview:

digital monitoring system is the digital video image recording and many image display and monitor alarm functions together, will gradually replace traditional analog image segmentation and video recorder for a long time, has the characteristics of flexible and convenient.On this basis, USES the high-grade DVR hard disk video recorder, industrial control computer, or PC server, PC workstation machine increases the camera image input, image display rate, increased the haeundae and camera control functions, match with good man-machine interface, constitute the computer as the core of the digital monitoring system.

2, system function characteristics of

monitoring function users through this system to monitor the multiple images from the camera video recording generally in the adoption of the monitoring system of DVR hard disk video recorder, video roughly divided into: real-time video, timing, video recording, alarm video, the video format, now with a standard basic this mpeg-4 and h. 264 AVI video compression format, takes few compressed space.


local and remote users authority management can be divided into: administrators and ordinary users.

administrator: has the highest authority, can set up a regular user.No matter you in any place, as long as you have administrator user permissions, you will be able to control the system.And have the function of remote maintenance.Ordinary users:

is set by the administrator users, can be allowed to function in the operation, such as to view the video, yuntai control, alarm, control, etc.Can this system to carry on the simple management, if the same function is used by several ordinary users, this system is to go to.

finish see the contents of the above, do you have a certain knowledge of DVR monitoring system?The content of the above is only for the convenience of rapid skimming and do a brief introduction, in fact, the characteristics of DVR monitoring system is very rich and miscellaneous, meticulous on different monitoring system also has the function that cannot be set.So if you want to know about the monitoring system some deeper, take the time to learn more about these data is a must.After mastering the theory knowledge, for its use will be more fit.

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