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What are the hardware components of the computer? Computer hardware components introduced

2018-01-12 11:45:42

we often use the computer is computer, the computer has three, one for tablets, the other is a desktop computer, a third for laptops.Regardless of what kind of computer equipment can help us fast numerical calculation, in addition, the computer's memory function and logic function is unique, it can run in accordance with the procedures, to achieve intelligent use of functions.The computer is so "Strong ", it is because the computer's hardware component has the characteristics of high-tech technology.Computer hardware components of


1, power supply: it belongs to the power supply device, it can be the alternating current into direct current inside the computer, the quality of power supply hardware decided to work with other hardware stability, stability, in turn, affects the use of the entire computer.

2, main: work belongs to the computer hardware platform, it can be all together, all the parts in the computer for data transmission.

3, CPU: it belongs to the computer's central processing unit (CPU), it has a control core and the core of operation.CPU can cache, check, control, operation, therefore has the highest executive role.When many people choose and buy a computer, will first check the computer's CPU performance good or bad, because it can determine the grade of the computer.

4, internal memory: it is our known memory, memory and mood and DDR sdram memory memory, it's part of the chip and circuit board, small volume, but run fast, at the time of computer, it can help us to store all kinds of data, for example the cached data, download data, etc.

5, hard disk, we can call it external storage hardware, it has a memory function, can store a large amount of data, the size is 1 inch, 3.5 inches and 1.8 inches and so on, there are a lot of mobile hard disk sells in the market, the price is in one hundred yuan of above.

6, sound card, sound card is can issue "Broadcast "Internal computer voice commands, it can be all digital signals into analog signals, and then sent to the external speakers, and then make a sound.

7, graphics card: when using the computer, video card can output text, graphics, its biggest role is to need to display all the information is converted to drive scanning signal, it is between the display and computer main board is one of the most important hardware.Hardware is introduced by all, more than

are the most important part of the computer, in addition, there are quite a lot of hardware is worth us to meet.For example, network card, network adapter can connect the computer and the transmission medium, is a kind of interface, it can not only help the computer to carry on the physical connection, also can undertake electrical matching.When we use the computer, install a card, as long as can be chang play network, thus, network CARDS can also be called the hardware component of computer internal important oh.

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