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What are the network memory brands and how to use the network memory?

2018-01-04 11:49:47

we all know that the network storage, its the most important is data, can be very safe to store data, and will be used in many industries to and can be according to customer demand for production application solutions, but many people want to use it, but don't know how to use, don't really know what brand is better?Choices will be more difficult to choose, don't know how to choose, how to use the network storage?What brand?Look small make up what is introduced for us.

network storage is actually a system itself with the fixed terminal, but also their own independent work and also have storage capabilities, this is the network storage.And the parameters of network storage can be part of the input is set, of course, can access the network storage server or network of computers for parameter setting.

network memory how to do?In

but actually, the network storage is a smaller, more compact server, is composed of chip motherboard and CPU, memory, and so on, but the function is, first of all have a server, you can do an HTTP server, FTP server, etc., it also has the data backup function, also can do network printer sharing, some management functions, etc., some can even automatically download some BT and so on.

of the more popular is the form of online neighbors now, if you want to set up the mapping a network drive, can be used when the local disk to use.

some traditional wired network storage in order to better application server environment is need special setting, but don't own installation system.Now more popular is set and setting up the router.What are the brand

network storage?

network storage brand Iogear

Iogear can support multiple formats of files in the Windows environment, the resolution of the Iogear network storage is not more than 720 p transfer files.

network storage brand Western Digital (Western Digital) My Book World Edition 1 t

western Digital network storage in line, shape and books about, give a person a kind of aesthetic feeling, using the latest technology of Microsoft and Apple, it is more convenient to operate.

network storage brand ZyXel central digital library NSA - 220 Plus

ZyXel network storage broke the common network storage mode, strengthen the function of the use of more, build iTunes server, add the HTTP/FTPS and eMule download automatically, etc., better storage capacity, can provide a variety of RAID mode.

network storage brand Iomega (Iomega) Screen Play Pro HD

Iomega network memory can record up to two hours of programs, support a variety of different formats of media files, Iomega network storage has the HDMI connection.

network storage brand Synology Disk (predator) Station is the most prominent DS209 +

Synology fashionable appearance design, performance is very good, the processor and memory are the highest level, adopt to higher wisdom fan design, can very good control of temperature, reducing power consumption.

introduce the entire contents of the above, you are more clear how to use the network storage, and what are the brands, their respective characteristics, I hope it can help you to choose.

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