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What are the role of the switch

2018-01-12 17:06:23

we are in the Internet age, through the network office, entertainment, every day in the video conference, at the time of 3 d design, at the time of image rendering, we all need a stable, secure network support.Unlike routers, switches are widely used in large enterprises in the office.

the exchange is the exchange of information in a communication system equipment, exchange devices have multiple ports, these ports through the bridge, to build a LAN or service station, workstations.Switch is better than a router has transport advantages, it can be exclusive bandwidth, within the local area network (LAN) switch to establish, each user is independent on the Internet, resource use is not affected each other, don't need to assign traffic.Switch the role of


to establish the network topology.Switches connect computer equipment, transmission media physical layout of connected devices, this kind of network structure has a star, ring, bus, etc.Transmission and control mode of different structure and inherent advantage is different.Among them, the star structure is the most widely used, its convenient centralized control, at the same time, network delay time is short, small error, but once the damage, the whole system will be completely paralyzed.

physical firewall.Forward exchange has internal and filtering logic, switch the data sent to the controller, the controller to decide again is lost or the use of these data, works, according to data flow table decision model to work with firewalls.

learning function.Switches can be connected to the computer equipment of MAC address for each port, and then save the address corresponding to the port mapping, and archive in the switch MAC address cache directory.

forward filtering capabilities.Switches in sharing information, do not forward freely, but the goal of a data frame port in MAC address mapping, data of target node, rather than forwarded to all ports.

automatic addressing.Exchanger rearranging and generate the information after internal processing, to forward the information to the specified port, in the process, instruction will be determined according to MAC address directory specified port location, if the MAC address does not exist, switches will be broadcast to all ports, instruction ports response will write the new address, and add the address into a MAC address in the directory.All in all,

exchange instruments have a cost-effective, simple and easy to use, flexible operation, etc.Along with the rapid development of computer and communications industry, the demand of the exchanger showed a trend of rising.Layer 3 switches can't forward, transmit information, and can control the sending as a result, the most widely used at present.Enterprise switches do not only care about the choose and buy, however, the application layer number, also note the bandwidth, the structure of the port, transmission rate, etc.

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