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What are the routers that have a strong penetration and an introduction to the rankings of strong pe

2018-01-09 13:48:14

if you want to use mobile network, and we'll be sure to install a router at home, good router generally have high cost performance, and can be used all the year round and won't appear damage phenomenon.It is well known that many people home router at night is easy to appear the phenomenon of network card, and wifi signals between bedroom and bedroom will become worse, at this time we might as well change a wifi router signal penetration is very strong.In this world, but very much oh this router.The first


LinksysWRT1900AC router before watching test results, first of all, we learn about the the four product involved in the test.LinksysWRT1900AC built-in dual core 1.3 GHz processor with 512 MB flash memory, even in the face of the user, the terminal challenge, can calmly deal with.In respect of interface, the WRT1900AC design has four gigabit LAN, can provide high-speed cable connection;With a start, and Shared and usb/hookup interface, it can be as high as 3 GBPS of external data sharing and exchange of data transmission speed.In 2.4 spectrum can provide up to 600 MBPS wireless transmission rate, in the 5 GHZ band can provide up to 1300 MBPS wireless transmission rate, the overall rate of 1900 MBPS.The second

: net R6220 router

11 ac R6220 adopt wireless technology, wireless transmission the highest rate of up to 1200 MBPS.This product built-in MT7621 chip, dual-core CPU processing capacity of 880 MHZ, tie-in 128 MB and 128 MB of flash memory, processing power and the exchange of ability is very strong.Larger memory and flash memory, brought R6220 more play.In addition, the most notable is R6220 provides a WAN port and four LAN port, the five network port is gigabit port, brings to the network transmission speed increase greatly.

3: Google OnHub wireless router machine

in addition to Google OnHub bottom, also designed a gigabit levels of cable network port and start port.At the same time, in the top still have a loudspeaker design, can accept Google of intelligent assistant command.It also throws in Weave the Internet of things the underlying communication protocol, IEEE802.15.4 and BluetoothSmart communication standards, make smart home center.Users can also through the phone APP to control OnHub, check the network status, the set speed priority, and follow up bandwidth usage.

Google OnHub overturns the traditional wireless router square style, used a similar apple computers The trash "Modelling, with dark blue appearance of rich visual impact, sense of science and technology.Using the latest standard of 802.11 ac, it support concurrent, double frequency of 2.4 GHz frequency band at 600 MBPS, 5 GHz frequency band is 1.3 Gbps, highest wireless transmission rate can be up to 1.9 Gbps.Built-in 13 high-gain omni-directional antenna, including 6 2.4 GHz frequency band antenna, 6 5 GHz frequency band antenna, the middle one root coverage increased lead antenna.Fourth:


AmpedRTA2600 innovation awards on CES2016 exhibition!11 ac it using the latest wireless technology, built-in 1.4 GHz dual-core processor, external four high-gain antenna, wireless top wireless transmission rate of 2600 MBPS.And a pair of traditional wireless router always network devices send data, AmpedRTA2600 multi-input multi-output (MIMO) wireless transmission techniques, using the latest MU - can send network data to multiple devices at the same time, greatly enhance the user's network efficiency, let's stop caton, wireless Internet access.It at 2.4 GHz frequency wireless transmission rate up to 800 MBPS, and in the 5 GHz band, thanks to 3 ×3 the use of mimo technology, its maximum wireless transfer rate of 1733 MBPS, faster than gigabit port cable.Match four 5 dbi high-gain antenna, wireless RTA2600 wireless coverage to further expand and can easily meet the demand of the use of home users.This wireless router is equipped with a usb interface and a start interface, high-speed wireless transmission files easily in a mobile storage devices can be Shared with other equipment of the family.

above four routers is 2016 year's best-selling products, is also the highest praise.After we buy it, you just need to according to the directions on the interpretation of the installation.After installing a router, we must learn to change the initial password, and then it is not easy to replace a wifi password is cracked by others, so that can better use their networks.Warm reminder, radiation function of the router is very strong, do not lay it on the bed and electric appliances, pay attention to safety.

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