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What are the server systems and what are the characteristics of the system

2018-01-08 17:07:24

I believe you for server system is not quite understand, because when we contact the server is still less.Generally speaking this server system is installed on the server, some operating systems such as Windows, Linux, these systems are server system.What are the server system?What is the distinguishing feature of each?Believe that a lot of friends are very concerned about these issues, here small make up to a detailed introduction of relevant information.What are the

server system?

for server operating system, can be divided into four schools in the market, they are WINDOWS, LINUX, NETWARE, UNIX.For these server systems each have each advantages, also each have shortcomings, after introducing the below us to finish, you can understand.What is the distinguishing feature of

server system?

for the operating system, WINDOWS operating system versions of it is also a lot of, one of the main important version 4.0 Server, Win2000 WINNT/AdvancedServer, Win2003 / AdvancedServer, WINDOWS Server 2008 and WINDOWS Server operating system application.

believe friends for such operating systems are generally not too be shy with strangers, this system not only in individual operating system has a good advantage, in the inside of the network operating system function is also very strong, is also the most common.

actually for all of the small and medium-sized enterprises, is the most main or Windows NT4.0 system.

Linux operating system

Linux operating system, essentially with UNIX.As a new network operating system, the main characteristics of open source code, can get a lot of free applications.For Linux, he has a Chinese version, such as REDHAT (red), and the red flag Linux.

as a whole, the operating system can be applied in some higher operating system.Corresponding operating system version update more flexible and more quickly, very suitable for general application of the enterprise.

we know NetWare NetWare operation system has the very strong and good batch function, and the corresponding safety and stability of the system performance.Its main version includes Novell, 3.11, 4.10, etc.

for NetWare operation system, it is not as good as the early years, but as a result of NetWare network hardware requirements of the operating system is low, so is also welcomed by some small and medium-sized enterprises.Believe that everyone is like the diskless workstation forming way, then the operating system can fully meet your requirements.

Unix server operating system Unix operating system is arguably one of the more prominent, it can be very good support large file system service, and the data service, etc. These applications have good help.We can see the market SCOSVR, BSD Unix operating system is always the same.

for the UNIX system, it can be very good to support various network stability, and can also be largely processing some of the applications of large companies.

after the above simple introduction, believe everybody for server system have?What is the distinguishing feature of all have some understanding.For different system, we can be used for different purposes.According to different purposes, take the corresponding server system, can to a great extent, save our spending on software.

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