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What brand is the monitor camera, the ten most popular monitor camera brand

2018-01-09 11:51:15

with the advent of the era of smart home, the use of digital security system more widespread and monitor camera as an important part of security system, its quality relates to the use of the whole system.In order to facilitate people to build their own security system, to introduce below small make up to 2016 of the most popular top ten monitor camera brand.

2016 of the most popular top ten monitor camera brand

honeywell in

as an industry, honeywell is a veteran of security equipment manufacturers, is one of the world's top 500 enterprises, in the industry of science and technology development level is higher.Honeywell fast ball switch day and night surveillance camera price for 22900.


hikvision monitor camera product main advantage lies in science and technology level and independent research and development ability.Hikvision as a offers a variety of hardware and software structures, solutions company, the service areas such as financial, communications, military, education, etc.Hikvision ce16f5p DS - 2 - IT5 surveillance cameras sells for 240 yuan.

samsung anfang

as the samsung group's brand, its products involve monitor cameras, samsung SCD - 2080 ep analog cameras sells for 2080 yuan.


global most of the big brand has a complete product line, SONY as a high-end display technology and digital products, information services practitioners, and into the network monitor camera research and development stage, can view real-time monitoring image, and plug and play, use and simple operation.SONY SSC - ET185P surveillance cameras sells for 3040 yuan.

world of great feats of heaven and earth products and projects focused on building system in intelligent building, especially good at in weak current system design and the combination of intelligent buildings.Heaven and earth weiye 1.3 million hd webcam sells for 289 yuan.Bosch security


as a German security and communications enterprise, Bosch security operation many international projects, and therefore its to the design of the monitor camera product research and development strength is very strong.Bosch security LTC0620/11 cameras sells for 869 yuan.

dahua dahua is the domestic brand of science and technology, it was founded in zhejiang, is the representative of Chinese private listed firms.Dahua's monitor camera has military quality, leading audio and video technology.Big fallow orange TP1 cell phone remote surveillance camera is priced at 229 yuan.

matsushita panasonic plot

companies in the digital, computer industry's lead has no longer, now, in the smart security system has done very colorful, monitor camera hardware products of better quality and practicability.Panasonic spherical security monitoring camera is priced at 1600 yuan.Fly


mainly to carry on the video monitor products such as research and development, the factory has the exclusive experimental base and r&d, to strictly control the process and the process.The fly extension NT442 - Y hemisphere surveillance camera price is RMB 389.And Ann,


the company produces the product by the European Union and the national ministry of public security certification, the product is very rich, including infrared night vision, panoramic camera, memory, camera, network video monitor cameras, high-speed smart cameras.The Ann YH5106 high-speed ball - S05 surveillance camera price is RMB 23900.

finally, small make up remind everybody, monitor the installation of cameras is very important, first of all, it should keep building wiring part of the horizontal or vertical Angle, at the same time, the monitor camera wiring to use plastic casing, such as adding protection, ensure the smooth communication and external appearance.

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