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What brand of router is good, introduction of various brand routers

2018-01-05 16:21:52

when in daily life we can use all kinds of routers, when many people are buying the router is entanglements, what to buy what kind of router is better?Small make up a few introduce for everybody next router's brand, for everybody reference used in everyday life.

a, friends - router:

first small make up recommend for everybody is friends - routers, friends group co., LTD., founded in 1986, is provided by international famous network equipment, the current friends - a router that the company has become one of the world's largest network equipment factory.

2, tengda routers:

second small make up to you to introduce tengda routers, tengda routers is founded by shenzhen auspicious tengda technology co., LTD., this is a company committed to China's Internet industry, is currently the domestic first independent research and development and production of the router, so its technology and equipment are very advanced.Three, huawei router:


the next small make up recommend for everybody is huawei router, huawei router is produced by huawei technologies co., LTD., the company was founded in 1988, is one of the world is one of the leading telecom solution supplier.And huawei has recently been in the production of high-end mobile phone brand, so the company's technology strength, and his strength is relatively strong, so huawei router is worth trust.Four, cisco routers:


the next small make up to you to introduce brand cisco routers, cisco router cisco network technology co., LTD. Is a production, it was founded in 1984, is one of the fortune 500 companies, is also one of the world's leading network solutions company, so the company no matter from technology or capital, has a relative advantage.Five or

at united router:

next small make up to you to introduce general router, not a router brand is created by shenzhen's league technology co., LTD., the company is the national technical support of high-tech enterprises, is also has a few domestic independent research and development and manufacturing capability of enterprise, one of all of the routers products are independent intellectual property rights, so in the Chinese market, the router brand is very popular, and the router has a certain advantage in price, in the home have a lot of the common people.

six, mercury router:

mercury router is by the shenzhen kexing communication technology co., LTD is a production, the company over the years has been committed to wireless networks, broadband routers, in the field of research and development, a SuiXi router product quality is worth trusting.

this several brand small make up about a router is introduced here, this a few brands are higher sales on the current market of several brands, you can choose according to the characteristics of a good router, hope small make up the above introduction can bring some help to people's lives.

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