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What brand of routers are good

2018-01-04 15:22:16

the rapid rise of the mobile devices, let people more and more dependent on WiFi Internet access, a router is to connect the network equipment, the same network, many people use at the same time, this is the main function of the router.It with the best path will be sent the received signal.So the router is now widely used in all walks of life, in order to better use the Internet, it is important to choose a good breaker.What brand of router?In this is to introduce the router which brand is good?What brand of router


1, H3C (HP global system subordinate, IToIP solutions experts, committed to the IP technology and product development/production/sales service, hangzhou China three communication technology co., LTD.).

2, tengda Tenda (is committed to the development of China's Internet industry, the first domestic research and development and production of routers and wireless products of the enterprise, shenzhen auspicious tengda technology co., LTD.).

3, HUAWEI HUAWEI (founded in 1988, shenzhen, China, one of the world's leading supplier of telecommunications solutions, employee-owned private science and technology company, HUAWEI technologies co., LTD.).

4, CISCO CISCO (founded in 1984, the United States, the United States fortune 500, the world's leading supplier of network solutions, CISCO systems (China) network technology co., LTD.)., friends - DLink

5 (in 1986, the international famous network equipment and solutions provider, one of the world's largest network equipment manufacturers, the listed company friends - group co., LTD.).

6, TP - link (national high and new technology enterprise, the domestic few have full capacity for independent research and development and manufacturing company, one of shenzhen's league technology co., LTD.) router what brand is good?What brand of router

?That is one of the most common on the market at present six more routers.Friendship remind: are we going to look at when choosing a router router port, is simply a port of wireless devices, routers no WAN the port, there is no way for a network connection.

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