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What brand of surveillance camera is good, how to install surveillance camera [graphic tutorial]

2018-01-11 09:41:49

surveillance cameras is a semiconductor device, has high sensitivity, resistance to strong light, small distortion, small volume, long service life, shock resistant, etc.So, do you know what brand cameras?How to install surveillance cameras?

a good

surveillance cameras, surveillance cameras, what brand first name: what brand is good hikvision.Hikvision was established in 2001, the sustained and rapid development of hikvision, has won the general recognition of the industry, both inside and outside.The company listed "CSST ten big brands, with a 39.1% market share account for about half of China's security industry.

surveillance cameras what brand is good: the second emperor as he: guangzhou emperor optical, electronic technology co., LTD to the relentless pursuit of technological innovation and customer service, currently in Europe, North America, such as network monitoring has to be a leader in professional and technical sales in the market.Emperor depending on the company's nine countries in the world has a wholly owned company, products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions, the world more than 379 million users, at 12.3% and the market rate beyond dahua, second place.

surveillance cameras what brand is good 3: dahua shares: dahua shares of marketing and service network covering both at home and abroad, in the domestic 30 provinces and cities and overseas in the asia-pacific, North America, Europe, Africa and other places set up marketing and service center, with a 7.4% market share for the monitoring the third industry, is the most likely beyond the hikvision enterprise.What brand

surveillance cameras good fourth: samsung, samsung is world-famous established monitoring companies, its move in terms of communication and mutual defense network is also have another great achievement, it with a 6.9% market share, ranking fourth stability according to the monitoring.What brand good fifth:

surveillance cameras shun lang: a low-key surveillance industry tycoon, with a 3.4% market share ranking fifth account security industry.

surveillance cameras what brand good sixth: all right, this name may be in the security industry is not very loud and clear, the channel network is a leading in the industry, its market share to 3.4%, ranked sixth in the surveillance camera industry.What brand good seventh:

surveillance cameras YesCam: YesCam is well-known brands abroad, YesCam cloud camera since entering the China market is progress and its market share at 3.3%, a temporary seventh place according to the surveillance industry.

surveillance cameras good 8: what brand of SONY's security monitoring products, with its rich product line and the excellent quality of the products are favored by users around the world, to the vast number of users with analog, digital and intelligent security monitoring products have been widely used in financial, government agencies, industrial and mining enterprises, various industry such as healthcare and education.Some 3.2% of its market rate at the eighth.What brand good 9:

surveillance cameras panasonic: Japanese brands and international brands, monitoring industry veteran enterprises, with a 2.9% market share, ranks ninth monitoring industry.

surveillance cameras what brand good 10th: D - Link: D - the Link is not only the router then cloth all around, he also be reckoned in the influence of the surveillance industry, its market share to 2.3%, temporarily in the surveillance cameras placed 10th.

how two, surveillance cameras installed

1, arrangement before the camera, you must first decide where is your camera cloth, fixed at what point.What to do what.

camera fixed position is very important, and you're ready to purchase what kind of camera, camera parameters is mainly effective distance.

ordinary is 600 yuan or so commonly, night vision in 900 yuan of above.

2, the requirement of monitoring host is generally not high.Pentium 4 2.8 G above can, of course, now in general machine configuration can be achieved.But monitor 24 hours boot into consideration, the case must be big, host power supply must be strong, to ventilation.

3, monitor, hard disk must be large, at least 1 TB, video depends on the size of the clear degree of your camera.Monitoring software according to the manual operation, also can let factory to help you set up.Hard disk quality good, can buy server hard drive.Otherwise the hard disk data loss caused unnecessary trouble., of course, there are

4 don't need you to configure the monitoring host.Hardware and software are to help you set up good ready-made directly, as shown in figure.This kind of host without a keyboard, with only one button on the mouse and the host.Operation is simple and easy.

5, his match the monitor host need to purchase a video acquisition card, how many of the acquisition card based on what your camera to decide.Video acquisition card in the PCI slot, want to drive.

6, monitoring of wiring is very important also, cable purchase is close friends certainly, usually coaxial cable.Now the brand is miscellaneous, wiring to consider how to get to the line is clear, should consider to use for a long time.And windproof, waterproof, prevent electromagnetic interference.

7, if do large surveillance, other manufacturers must choose good.Long-term cooperation is the most important, after finish the circuit diagram must be kept well.This a late maintenance into consideration.Is more than

small make up to introduce the surveillance cameras what brand is good, hope to be able to help you.More information about what brand good surveillance cameras, please continue to pay attention.

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