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What do wireless networks do in XP systems?

2018-02-07 10:14:57

Although Microsoft has stopped the use of XP system, but there are still a lot of users in the use of XP, the invention of laptop, convenient carry, we can get to the Internet at any time, but open the switch of wireless search, each time you refresh the network list, XP system, according to the wireless network connection is not only a "Wi-fi router to enable the security of computer to the computer network ".This is how to return a responsibility?The following will tell you the solution:

1 "Start "- ->"The control panel "- ->"The network connection ", right-click the "Wireless Internet connection ", select "See the available wireless connection ", the following figure:

note: if your "The network connection "There is no "Wireless Internet connection "With computer makers to after-sales department, please contact!

2. If the computer is the current default Windows wireless management tools, so should be wireless networks in search results list, the following figure: if your computer is Windows XP SP2,

suggest set the computer to can be connected to any network adaptive state are available, and when the default is such Settings, can right-click "Wireless Internet connection "Select "Properties throughout the &;To enter "Wireless network configuration "Click "Senior ", confirm choose wireless working mode is "Any of the available network "Definition to everyone, as follows: more than

is XP wireless network solution is not displayed, if encounter this kind of problem can use the above method a try, you learned?

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