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What does 451 error mean? What is the difference between error codes 403 and 451?

2018-02-13 13:01:53

Recently, the Internet has added a 451 Not Found web page can't open the new error code state, friends often browse the web or data access, believe that many web question, such as 404 Not Found, 403 Forbidden, and so on, these errors have their own meanings, such as 404 represents the page Not Found, 403 on behalf of the site access denied, so a 451 error is what mean?It and what's the difference between the 403 error, here in this paper, the popular science knowledge for everyone.

451 error is what mean?

451 Not Found is a kind of new web HTTP status error code, it is the Internet engineering steering committee (IESG) has formally approved a new HTTP error code "Throughout 451 &;, used to represent "For legal reasons and the official review "To access content.

proposed using 451 code before Google engineer Tim ·Britt said, "In the proposal, 451 representatives of this code in the legal reasons cannot be accessed at the same time, also was proposed legal restrictions shall list the specific reasons, and what they belong to the category of web sites.Throughout the &;One of the

Internet engineering task force (IETF) mark ·Nottingham welcomed the the introduction of the error code, and said "Can instantly begin to use ".But he added that the Internet engineering task force there is no guarantee that all network service providers will use this code when there are any legal reasons.What is the difference between

403 and 451 error?

403 error believes that many friends are met, and sometimes a website appear problem, will present a 403 error, tip: 403 Forbidden, page cannot access normally prompt, as shown.

403 error is in the process of the website, common errors, means that resources is not available.Server to understand customer's request, but refused to deal with it.Usually due to a file or directory permissions on the server Settings, such as IIS or apache properly, to set up access.So what is the difference between 403 and 451 error?

first of all, they belong to a kind of HTTP status code page, the former belongs to the server permissions Settings, lead to access web users do not have permission to access, so as to prompt a 403 error.

and 451 error is not a server or network reasons, but the content of the visit by the official review, for legal reasons and the shielding by the Internet service provider, not normal visit a reminder.

little knowledge: other common web page error code:


403.1 mistake was due to "Perform "Access prohibited, attempts to execute CGI, ISAPI from the directory or other executables, but when the directory does not allow executing programs will appear this kind of mistake.


403.2 mistake was due to "Read "Access prohibited.Cause this error is due to no default page and there is no available to enable directory browsing, or to display HTML pages marked directory resides only "The executable "Or "Script "Permissions.


403.3 mistake was due to "Write "Access prohibited, when trying to file upload to folder or modify files in the directory, but the directory does not allow "Write "Visit will appear this kind of mistake.


403.4 errors are due to require SSL, you must use it in the web address to view "Https".


403.5 mistake was due to require the use of a 128 - bit encryption algorithm caused by a Web browser, if your browser does not support 128 - bit encryption algorithm can appear this error, you can connect to the Microsoft website upgrading your browser.


403.6 error is caused by the IP address is rejected.If there is one on the server can't access the site's IP address list, and you use the IP address in the list when you will return the error message.Customer request


403.7 error because certificates, when need to access resources for browsers have server to identify the secure sockets layer (SSL) client certificate will return to this kind of mistake.


403.8 error is due to the ban on site visit, if the server has not be able to access the site's DNS name list, and you use DNS name will return to this kind of information in the list.Please note the difference between 403.6 and 403.8 errors.


403.9 error is caused by too many users are connected, because the Web server is busy, due to the very heavy traffic and cannot handle requests will be returned to the error.


403.10 errors are due to invalid configuration error, when you try to execute CGI, ISAPI from the directory or other executable program, but the directory does not allow executable program when he will return to the mistakes.


403.11 error is due to password change has no right to view the page.


403.12 error is caused by the mapping access denied.If you want to view the Web page requires the use of effective customer certificate, and your client certificate mapping without access to the Web site will return to the mapping access denied error.


403.13 error is due to the need to look at web site requires the use of effective customer certificate and use the client certificate has been revoked, or can not be sure whether or not the certificate has been revoked.


403.14 error is by the Web server is configured to not list the directory content, refused to directory listing.


403.15 error is caused by too much client access license, when the server is beyond the client access license restrictions will return this error.


403.16 error is due to the client certificate is not trusted or invalid.


403.17 error is caused by client certificate has expired or has not been effective.What is the meaning of above

is 451 error and error code difference between 403 and 451, hope can help to you.

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