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What does SSID mean? What is the role of SSID broadcast?

2018-01-11 14:03:43

definition: SSID is a wireless local area network (WLAN) name.SSID is case-sensitive text string, it is a maximum length of no more than 32 characters of alphanumeric characters (letters or Numbers) in the order of the name (of course, you can literally take).Is function, the SSID looks like a wireless access point (AP) MAC address, so wireless LAN all wireless devices must use the same SSID in order to communicate with each other.Now that you know roughly SSID is what mean?

SSID role in wireless local area network (LAN) is very important, it can block other wireless devices to access your wireless local area network (either consciously or unconsciously).To communicate, wireless devices must use the same SSID name.Figure of

to set up a wireless network SSID (name)

many wireless devices can automatically search the SSID, because usually a public wireless access point (AP) will put the SSID will be broadcast.But if your wireless network is a private, so should be set prohibits broadcast the SSID, or may be someone to rub the net.There is no doubt that, by banning broadcast the SSID can improve the security of wireless local area network (LAN).All in all,

SSID is what mean?The name of a wireless network!In order to found the wireless network card in the wireless network and wireless access point in order to make the equipment interconnected wireless local area network you will need it.

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