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What does WLAN mean, the way to set up WLAN

2018-01-04 16:17:33

WLAN is what mean?How to set the WLAN?

what is the WLAN

Wireless Local Area network (Wireless Local Area Networks;WLAN) is a convenient data transmission system, which USES rf (Radio Frequency;RF) technology, instead of the old way of twisted-pair copper wire (Coaxial) of local area network, wireless local area network can use simple access architecture allows users through it, reach Convenient information with you, go throughout the world &;The ideal state.

local area network management is one of the main jobs of the laying of cables or check whether cable bolt this time-consuming work, it is easy to be frustrating and is not easy to find the break in a short time.Moreover, due to cooperate with enterprises and application environment constantly update and development, the original enterprise networks must cooperate to layout, need to reinstall the network lines.Although cable itself is not expensive, but please technical personnel to the cost of wiring is very high, especially the old buildings, wiring project cost is higher.Set up wireless local area network, therefore, becomes the best solution.

the application of wlan between

building: building construction network links between, to replace the shuttle, simple and cheap.

catering and retail: food and beverage service industry can use wireless local area network products, directly from the table can be input and transmit the guest order content to the kitchen, the counter.Retailers when sales promotion, can use wireless local area network products set up temporary cashier counter.

medical treatment: use of wireless local area network products portable computer to achieve real-time information, medical personnel can take to avoid injury and delayed treatment, unnecessary paperwork and documents circulating delay and misdiagnosed, and to improve the quality of patient care.

enterprises: when the employees in an enterprise use wireless local area network products, no matter they in any corner of the office, a wireless local area network products, can casually on email, share files and web browsing.

warehouse management: general inventory, warehouse personnel through the application of wireless network, can input the latest data into computer storage system immediately.

container distribution field: general cargo distribution field of the bridge type crane truck, container, to mobilize the real-time information back to the office, and relevant work of the line by line.

surveillance system: generally located in the distance and monitored the venues, due to the difficulty of wiring, the distance of the images can be borrowed by the wireless network back to the master station.

conference, such as electronics, computer, because the network demand is extremely high, and the wiring again can let a room appear messy, so if you can use the wireless network, is a better choice.

(1) the advantages of wlan flexibility and mobility.In wired network, the position of network equipment was limited by the network location, and wireless local area network (LAN) in the wireless signal coverage area of any location can access networks.Wireless local area network (LAN) another biggest advantage is its mobility, connect to wireless LAN users can move and can keep connection with network at the same time.

2 installation is convenient.Wireless LAN can revoke or minimize the workload of network cabling, generally as long as one or more access points equipment installation, can be set up to cover the entire area of the local area network.

(3) easy for network planning and adjustment.For wired networks, the office or the network topology changes usually means ate again.Rewiring is an expensive and time-consuming process, waste, and trivial, wireless lans can avoid or reduce the above situation.

(4) fault location easily.Cable network once appear physical fault, especially due to the bad wiring network interruption, it is often difficult to ascertain, and repair the line need to pay a big price.Wireless networks are very easy to locate fault, need to replace defective equipment can restore the network connection.5]

easy to extend.Wireless LAN has a variety of configuration, can quickly from only a few users small LAN extensions to thousands of users of large network, and can provide between nodes Roaming "The characteristics of cable networks such as cannot be achieved.Due to the above wireless local area network (LAN) has many advantages, so its development is very rapid.In recent years, wireless local area network (LAN) has been in business, hospitals, shops, factories and schools and other places has been widely used.

wireless local area network (LAN) deficiency: the wireless local area network (LAN) to provide network users with convenient and practical at the same time, it still has some defects.Deficiency of the wireless local area network (wlan) is embodied in the following aspects:

(1) performance.Wireless LAN is relying on the transmitted radio waves.These waves launched by radio transmitters, and buildings, vehicles, trees and other obstacles may impede the transmission of electromagnetic wave, so will affect the performance of the network.2 rate of

.Wireless channel transmission rate is much lower compared with cable channel.At present, the maximum transmission rate of the wireless local area network (wlan) to 1 gbit/s, only suitable for personal terminal and small-scale network applications.

(3) security.In essence the radio waves does not require the establishment of physical connection channel, wireless signals are divergent.Theoretically, it is easy to listen to the radio broadcast within the scope of the any signal, cause communication information leakage.


router Settings for the wlan

router Settings, set up via the WEB;Due to the router before did not set up correctly, may not be able to use wireless function, so we through the cable connected to the router;First of all, we in the browser address bar, type WR541G the IP address of the default, router's default IP address may not be the same, so it can be found on the router's mark or instruction.Here, the need to explain: in setting the router through the WEB, when the IP address of the computer connected to the router, must be set up with the same gateway router;Such as a mouse is the router IP address, so with the connection of computer IP can be set to instead - between any address.

for computer IP address Settings, can be set up so:

in the computer correctly installed under the condition of network card driver, choose control panel, network connection, local connection,

select Internet protocol (TCP/IP) and click properties, choose to use the following IP address;IP address input: instead - between any address, mouse instead in the input, input subnet mask, default gateway enter is the router's IP address.

in the browser address bar, enter the IP router, is determined to enter the router's WEB interface.The general router set up in into the WEB interface, you need the administrator password, such as input for the first time, introduced according to the instructions and enter the original password.Tp -

LINK router set installation is simple, and cost performance is good, especially suitable for home network;Mice with several routers that TP - LINK, feel good.Besides, people also want to support the Chinese ah.

if just want to simple the Settings of the router, as long as select setup wizard, and then, depending on your Internet connection is configured network, routing functions can be realized.For access to the Internet, please choose according to oneself circumstance.Here, the mice in the most commonly used household virtual ADSL dial-up (PPPoE) dialing mode as an example.

select virtual ADSL dial-up (PPPoE), click next, enter your account name and password, if you don't know, please contact with your local IP service providers.Click next, into the wireless Settings interface, TP - the default for the wireless LINK to open, because we this article mainly introduces the wireless set, so, if this setup interface of wireless function did not open, select open, click next, can complete the router Settings.Because new set up the router, the router will connect again, if the right start, select Settings interface on the running state, should correctly display the router at the time, if the WAN port status, display an error, is you set wrong, please reset.

if you want to make the client convenient configuration of the network, can open the DHCP service in the router, in this way, all of the computer connected to the router LAN TCP/IP protocol set to Automatically obtain IP address ", the router can automatically configure the network for every machine.Without the need for each machine separately specified IP address, of course, is to open the DHCP service, you can manually specify the IP address for each computer.

wireless card set

first properly installed wireless card driver, and then select the control panel, network connection, select the wireless network connection, right-click select properties.Choice in the wireless network card linkage configuration, select properties in the AD Hoc channel, select 6 in value, its value should be consistent with the wireless router set spectrum values, click ok.

under normal circumstances, the wireless card does not need to set the frequency, the system will automatically search.Mouse wireless card can automatically search to frequencies, so if you set up a wireless router, wireless network card can't search to the wireless network, is the cause of the spectrum set more commonly, according to the above, please set the correct frequency.After

set up the surface, choosing the control panel, network connection, the double-click a wireless Internet connection, select the wireless network connection state, the right circumstances, wireless networks should be normal connection of

if the wireless network connection state, does not show connection, click to view the wireless network, and then select the refresh the network list, after the system detects that the available wireless networks, click on the link, can complete the wireless network connection.

actually, cable and wireless network Settings website set up basic about the same.Just a band set up more than wired networks and if simply set up a wireless network, the above setup process can be completed.This article is introduced a computer and wireless router connection, so many machines, and single machine set is the same.Because we set the DHCP service in the router, so unable to specify the IP, can complete the network configuration of multiple machines.If you want to manually specify each machine IP, as long as the nic TCP/IP Settings, specify the IP address, but it is important to note that the IP address Settings and router in the same network segment, gateway and DNS is set to all router IP.Note:

1, if in the choice to refresh the network list, can't detect a wireless network, please check whether the wireless router in the wireless network is open, the wireless network card on the computer is on, the spectrum is set correctly.

2, if you want to manually specify the IP to the machine, as long as all gateway and DNS Settings into the router's IP.

3, wireless network has a certain transmission distance, only within the effective range, can normal connection.


wireless local area network (LAN) in building networks, tend to choose stronger signal of wireless devices, in fact, this method is not correct.Wireless signal ability stronger, the higher of the sensitivity of wireless access wireless Internet signal in the transmission of penetration will be the stronger.If, however, wireless signal is too strong, effective signal coverage of the wireless local area network (wlan) is very big, but the actual control area is small, wireless local area network (LAN) access to the Internet security will be affected by the obvious.

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