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What does dns mean?

2018-01-15 12:18:35

guide language: the development of computer technology, has been a foreign play a leading role, a large part of dedicated professional term, all is in English or English abbreviation, is not very easy for you to understand that sometimes can cause a lot of trouble, many netizens will put forward the question of the meaning of the abbreviations, is understandable.About the small make up next will be to tell you about questions more times "DNS"Meaning and relevant knowledge.

what is the DNS?

DNS is abbreviations, English full Name is the Domain Name System, which means the Domain Name System in Chinese, just as its Name implies is to manage and arrange the Domain Name System.Our normal input url is the domain name, but access to the Internet is not through the domain name, but by IP access, that is through the network interconnection agreement between to connect to the Internet, the Internet and is don't understand the domain name server, the emergence of the domain name is convenient memory and input.So how to make a bunch of irregular switch the IP address of the domain name can be memory?DNS is that the role of.


above, this paper introduces the working principle of the DNS is responsible for the translations of domain names into IP addresses, then the work principle of what kind of?DNS is to translate domain names into IP addresses, and then sent to the server, Internet, and accept the return to send information, data rendered within the browser.Transformation of thinking, for example, compared the DNS to mobile phone address book function, in the address book, the domain name is just like everyone's name, IP address is like everyone's phone number, every name corresponds to a phone number, call is like connected to the Internet, we can direct phone number, can also click on the name to realize dialing.

DNS Settings as

DNS and directory can be tidy and setup, we can choose the right DNS to improve our access to the network speed.The function of the DNS is set up on the server, the server has a proprietary, open, of course can also set up your own.On the Internet has a lot of public free DNS address, and the most commonly used is 114 DNS: and Google DNS: the operation is, first of all in "Network "Project open network and sharing center, next to see and open "Change adapter Settings ", then right-click on the need to change the network, click properties, then found in the pop-up window and click the IP4 agreement, then click properties, pop-up window checked "Use the following DNS server addresses ", will get the DNS address changes after the input will finish.

in the end, the network is a very regular things, has its own rules and operation, the DNS Settings must be appropriate, not easy to get the DNS address, paralysis caused by the DDOS attack is to prevent the DNS, or modified registration information, hijacked analytic results, moreover by hackers use tamper with the DNS information, make their own rights and interests harm.I hope everyone can reasonable use is not to do STH without authorization changes.

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