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What does the WAPI mean, the WAPI introduction and the method of opening

2018-01-03 14:07:50
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IOS friend, should find a mobile phone has a WAPI option, the system is off by default.Some users just curious the WAPI is what mean?Actually wapi open or not open good?How to open the WAPI?Next, want to know friends, look small make up answers.


wapi what meaning be?

after view the relevant data shows, called the WAPI English Wireless LAN Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure, is the translation of Chinese Wireless local area network (LAN) to identify and confidentiality throughout infrastructure &;, it is a kind of security protocols, is also China's wireless LAN security mandatory standard.

simple, WAPI protocol such as infrared, bluetooth, GPRS, CDMA1X, is a kind of wireless transfer protocol, with their different is that it is just a transport protocol of wireless local area network (WLAN), it has to do with 802.11 technology in the field of transport protocol is the same.

wapi open good or not good?WAPI how to open?

for the average user, though open WAPI can enhance the security of wireless network to a certain extent, but does not play a big role in practical ways, and according to some user feedback, after enabled will speed up the equipment power consumption, so in general, suggest don't open it.Open method is simple, of course, to be at the bottom of the wireless LAN can see open or closed, as shown.



popular said, WAPI is wireless LAN security mechanism of compulsory standards in China, is mainly used to enhance the security of wireless LAN, for the average user role is not big, open and close, actually feel what effect.If indeed to speed up the equipment power consumption after open, suggest or don't open.

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